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less is more

1. yellow leaves linen wall pocket | 2. cindy wood desk organiser | 3. printable photographer’s planner | 4. oscar mail organiser | 5. rosewood earphone organiser | 6. vintage rolodex | 7. mod plastic jars | 8. “amazing ideas that will change the world” notebook | 9. mid century modern metal letter organiser

it’s a bit too early to call it spring cleaning, but i’m a firm believer in january of “out with the old, in with the new” and in order to do that you must be organised!

browsing etsy for the inspirational delights above, i came across austrian shop less is more and was immediately drawn to the sleek eco-chic designs than combine fun, function and timeless beauty. sustainably hand made from solid wood, these are organisers that turn their contents into sculptural objects – i adore the cindy and oscar designs above, and there are also stylish display stands for chopsticks, cosmetics, calligraphy nibs – even gloves and mittens!

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  1. What a lovely find on Etsy, ahve never heard of Les sis More before. Etsy is so addictive though. Even worse than pinterest in my opinion. Hope you are having a lovely evening.

  2. organising accessories are my weakness!
    x kat

  3. So many cuteeee things in less is more!!! Ho cutee of them!!