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la truffe noir

i recieved a wonderful little bottle of olivers & co black truffle oil for christmas, and it has proved to be a revelation in my kitchen!

i was (naturally) initially seduced by the dainty little bottle and beautiful packaging, but as soon as i uncorked the oil the heady aroma of tuber melanosporum filled the room and tantalised my tastebuds. i’ve been enjoying the oil simply drizzled over plain wholewheat spaghetti flecked with porcini mushrooms, but i’m keen to try my hand at a mushrom risotto too, or try the oil drizzled over asparagus.

have you any other truffle oil recipes you care to share?

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  1. Truffle is amazing with eggs – try it in scrambled eggs! Also great with mac n cheese…

    1. Sounds amazing, thanks Katie! I have to try out both of those x