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just poppin’ down the local

| the entranceway to the design village at interiors uk |

| the electic fare of the new english |

| surface design by lucy alice porter |

| surface design by the scin gallery and furniture by daniel scholfield |

| textile design by maud designs and sophie adamson |

| entranceway to the local by designersblock |

| kingsize by morag myerscough and luke morgan |

i’ve barely had a moment to stop and breathe since i returned from paris on sunday evening, so apologies for the radio silence!

since channel-hopping i’ve also been whisked up to birmingham for interiors uk, and i thought i’d start by sharing some images from the designersblock local and the new design britain exhibitions there, before i start on the mammoth task of documenting maison!

what do you think of the eclectic, cheery designs above – anything tickle your fancy?

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