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hej hay


it always takes a few weeks to reflect on the best of the best you’ve spotted at furniture fairs, especially one as big and overwhelming as maison! and despite not being a new find (indeed, i’ve written about them several times already), one of the stand out presentations for me, and the one i keep coming back to, was hay.dk.

i knew before i got there that i was going to love their stand – in fact, i actively sought it out – but it still managed blow me away all the same. they were absolutely heaving for starters (always a good sign) and when i managed to work my way onto the stand i could see why. i’d never seen the products in the flesh before, always admiring their 2d forms online, and up close they were even more dazzling; all geometric forms and luscious bright hues, tactile textiles and smooth surfaces.

like most around me i felt like a kid in a candy store, oohing and aahing over plissé folders, scholten & baijings colour and dot carpets, pastel-hued bookbinder notepads and hexangonal kaleido trays by clara von zweigbergk. i only hope there were a few uk dealers who were doing the same!

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  1. I was introduced to Hay through your blog several weeks ago and need absolutely everything they have created in my life! Obsessed with the bed linen and tea towels. And everything is realistically priced which is a bonus.

    Thanks for posting these images from Maison – I couldn’t make it to the show!


    1. so happy to hear someone else shares my obsession! :)