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doll’s houses, made lovely

after a childhood spent furnishing sylvanian family mansions i have developed a soft spot for beautifully recreated minature  homes (remember emily chalmer’s vintage chic version?), so when i spotted this wonderfully kitsch doll’s house over on making it lovely a few weeks ago i was instantly smitten.

the house is the end result of the “i’m a giant!” challenge to decorate a whole new house from scratch – in miniature! i’m totally in awe of nicole’s finished home, with it’s delightful colour palette of pastel pinks and mint greens and perfectly proportioned selection of retro inspired homewares and accessories, and equally excited to see some of the other offerings from the challenge – aren’t they amazing!!

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  1. WOW! I can’t believe this is miniature. How did they make the furniture? So fun because there are some real design classics there like the Barcelona chair and the Bertoias

  2. I know some of it is handmade/hand upholstered (amazing, right?) The design classic might be shop bought miniatures but I’m not sure… blows my mind, nonetheless!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for sharing my dining room!

  4. wow, this really is beautiful! It’s hard to believe that they are actually all miniatures! – I’d love to live in there! :) I especially like the living room – it’s gorgeous!