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a (mini) storm in a teacup

| miniature stolab lilla lilla åland and casala casalino chairs|

as my partner in crime at the stockholm furniture fair will attest, i spent much of the show getting over excited about the proliferance of miniature pieces of furniture, happy as a clam to see that my post on doll’s house furniture last week preemted what appears to be a new mini (!) trend!

from high end contractors to emerging young designers, everywhere we looked there seemed to be a mini chair or a scaled down mock up of a prototype or roomset. i was even lucky enough to be gifted with my very own mini casala casalino chair, after much oohing and aahing at it on the stand!

| tiny montana chairs and miniature prototypes from kunsthøgskolen |

| mini furniture layout from workspace planners struktur|

| sharing walls, collective lounge, lunds universitet|

| ciffen arkitektur och design |

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  1. ooo!! these make me smile. the only thing better than the fabulous furniture, is mini collectable versions of the real thing!
    x kat