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shake off the shackles, head for the hills

i’ve never ridden a bike in london.

truth be told, i’ve never ridden a bike anywhere.

a nasty incident when i was younger put me off for life, but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the lure of the bicycle, especially now beg bicycles are on my radar!

beg bicycles combine gorgeous retro charm with the latest modern components and come in a glamorous retro colour palette including persephone pink, toad grey and my personal favourite, flirty 30s green. they believe that cycling is all about grace and ease, and have created a luxurious but practical collection of cycling accessories that work equally well in the cool of the city and the calm of the countryside, including cute recycled wool picnic rugs that neatly clip to the back of your saddle for impromptu picnics and ditsy floral saddle covers.

it seems this year that cycling is going to be bigger than ever before, with cycling event organisers, government bodies, charities, manufacturers and retailers all clubbing together to promote a massive ‘summer of cycling‘ for 2012, aiming to introduce more people to cycling than ever before. how wonderful would it be to just be able to take off for the countryside, and glide along, wind in your hair, feeling the rush of nature all around?

perhaps this summer really is the summer i get back on my bike and head for the hills…

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  1. You get a bike. I wanna beach-hut…

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