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what’s black and white and stylish all over?

i’ve been swooning over these photos of annaleena’s hem ever since i spotted her home featured on decor8 last week.

“crisp, geometric, monochrome; could you do it?” that’s the question holly asked in her post.

i’m not sure. i looove the look and annaleena is certainly one cool lady but i’m not sure i could be that hip all of the time (if i’m even hip at all? do people even say ‘hip’ these days?)

either way, i just die every time i look at these images: serene yet edgy, the epitome of cool.

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  1. wow, beautiful. i love the texture on the wood round the sink. the magazines in the window is interesting. x

  2. Black and white is one of my favorite color palettes. Can’t get enough of it. Especially black and white stripes.

  3. Love black and white spaces, they’re really relaxing to be in. We’re doing an interior design in this kind of palette and found grey really ties the two together especially with soft furnishings. Just bought a set of cushions from this seller and they work like magic aesthetically http://tworedtrees.co.uk/product/221/hand-printed-limited-edition-jubilee-coat-of-arms-cushion

  4. I love the light space with the black framed mirror – it’s so chic!

  5. Sometimes I alos love the simple colors of the room, calm and simple!! And I love the wooden decorations!!

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