start spreading the news, i’m leaving today&...

start spreading the news, i’m leaving today…

| manhattan skyline at dusk, eye poetry photography |

well, tomorrow really, but it’s just a few short hours away now and i simply cannot wait!

i’ll be live-tweeting throughout the trip so make sure you follow me on @fabricofmylife, and also keep an eye on the #blogtournyc feed for live updates from all members of the team.

i’m going to be a part of it, new york, new york…


  1. Marianne @ Nordic Bliss

    20 March

    Can’t believe you are already on your way. It must be so exciting! Have a great time and keep us updated :)

  2. Joey

    21 March

    Nice pic!!And enjoy your trip:D!!

  3. It's a house

    22 March

    Lovely pic!!! Gonna be so much fun to see what you all will be up to in NY!

  4. kat - dot dot dash

    25 March

    hope you’re having a fabulous trip! I’ve be living vicariously through your tweets!
    x kat

  5. Looking forward to all the news from the big apple!

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