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under watchful eyes

i just wanted to share a little bit of swedish design eye candy to help get you through friday afternoon and into the weekend!

stockholm-based designer johan andersson has just released a unique series of products using the iconic designs of his friend and mentor, olle eksell. when johan first moved to stockholm aged 22 to study advertising at the bergh’s school of communication, he decided to look up his “great hero” in the telephone directory. eksell was gracious enough to invite the young student to his home, and over coffee and cake they talked about advertising, design and life, beginning a great friendship that lasted until eksell passed away in 2007.

in a fitting tribute to his mentor, johan has designed a commemorative range of trays, bags and art prints using olle’s iconic designs, including his classic mazetti-eyes. make sure you check out the newly launched website, which includes pictures, movies, lyrics and even a documentary where ruthel eksell talks about his and olle’s exciting life.

“the focus is to continue to spread the mission of olle eksell and his beliefs,” explains johan. “for me, meeting with olle was a life-changing experience, and although i wish to share with more people his ideas about good design and economy, it’s more than anything, a tribute to a friend.”

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