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take a leif out of her book

thanks to my good friend will over at bright.bazaar i came aross the wonderful online emporium that is leif.

based in brooklyn, leif founder stacy anne longenecker set out to “to bring to the world the most special, beautiful things that add a unique touch to day-to-day living.”

“the smallest thing can inspire and enrich your daily life,” says stacy, “whether it be a crisp new set of thank you notes, a beautiful mug for coffee or tea, stocking your bathroom with scented soap in a pretty glass bottle, or a colorful vase on display in a most frequented room.”  it all rings true, and i love the soft muted colour palette of the products in her shop and the smooth tactility of all those ceramic pieces.

apparently the leif lifestyle consists of  “growing indoor citrus trees… meyer lemon butter on freshly baked scones… freshly cut flowers on a reclaimed wood kitchen table, idolizing jean seberg, slip-on sneakers and striped t-shirts on a saturday.”

which all sounds pretty darn good to me!

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