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birthday giveaway no.1

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conjuring up images of yesteryear and old antique shops full of victorian curios and taxidermy, bell jars have taken on a life of their own in the past few years, as the perfect display cases for beautiful household objects from vintage silk ballet pumps to cherished childhood toys, delicate dried flowers to quirky travel souvenirs.

i particularly love these sleek modern versions by wireworks, and am delighted that llustre.com have given me a pair, worth £60, to give away in celebration of fabric of my life’s third birthday today!

llustre.com’s weekly sales offerings feature top picks and limited edition commisions selected by their expert buying team and by guest curators from their “style llist” which includes, amongst others, marcus fairs – founder of dezeen – and priscilla carluccio. their pop-up wireworks sale begins tomorrow, showcasing some superb designs from one of the uk’s most respected names in designed accessories.

using traditional materials, wireworks create sleek and sculptural forms with ergonomic details, blending form and function seamlessly. their selection of elegant pepper grinders, characterful chopping boards, simple wine racks and unusual pleasure domes will bring a touch of enviable class to your home.

all you have to do to enter this giveaway to win a pair of wireworks pleasure domes (1 large, 1 small) is leave a comment on this post, telling me what you would display in these stylish pleasure domes if you win.

this giveaway is open to all residents of mainland united kingdom (except employees of the promoter, their families and anyone professionally involved with this promotion). the giveaway closes at 5pm on 16th may 2012, and the winner will be drawn at random and notified after this date.

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100 Responses

  1. They would inspire me to create ever-changing little vignettes of treasured objects – keepsakes, mementoes and seasonal flowers. I think they are just lovely.

    Happy blog birthday.

  2. Ooooh how lovely! What a great giveaway!

    I would love these on the fireplace mantel with my engagement ring and a dried flower from my wedding bouquet that I have in a box somewhere at the moment.

  3. What wouldn’t I put under there. Some cupcakes for a tea party, a flower or two, a suitable trinket, maybe a photo even.

  4. I have some beautiful vintage costume jewellery that I inherited from my grandmother which would look great displayed in one of these bell jars…

  5. Wow, what an amazing giveaway – totally love bell jars and have wanted some for ages!

    I would put some lovely shoes under there or some vintage stationery/office supplies.

    Happy Birthday! xx

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I’d put in the bell jar my collection of feathers that I found over the course of the last 10 years. Some are amazing colours.

  7. My son’s first pair of converse, and my daughter’s first pair of (incredibly teeny tiny) Doc Martens

  8. Would deffo have to get a dried red rose and go for the Beauty and the Beast look!!!

  9. I love them, I would put the lovely pottery people my daughter made in them!!!

  10. My wife has carefully kept an dried her bouquet from our wedding, and this would be perfect to display them in!

  11. I would display my beautiful marble doves as the domes could only enhance their beauty

  12. Many Happy Returns.
    I have the perfect place, on my hearth with other selection of candles.
    This is a lovely competition.

  13. Oooh how lovely.I’ve being lusting over bell jars forever.Probably put baby shoes in them.Happy Birthday.

  14. I’d actually give this to my partner as a gift with the hope he could put some momentos of his daughter (who doesn’t live with us). The next best thing to a photograph!

  15. Any of my treasured possessions would look amazing in these especially my granchildrens keepsakes golden bootees hand prints etc

  16. These are lovely… if I was lucky enough to win the small one would become home to a cute little ceramic bird I bought months ago from Caravan. And the big one… well, I’d have to go junk shopping for something new of course! (any excuse eh?)

  17. Food! Fruit and nuts…cakes and biscuits…bread and cheese…the list is endless!

  18. I love these. My dad has some just like it showing off his dads war medals. I would like to show off my Sons foot cast (he was born with Talipes) and my Nans wedding bouquet which was made out of pins, buttons and pearls as her name was Margaret which means Pearl!.
    Great Giveaway!

  19. I would put some amazing vintage jewellery in them which currently satys in a drawer all the time!

  20. Domes are always fabulous, they make dusting much easier! I think I would take inspiration from a picture at the top showing paint brushes under a dome. My father was a keen “artist” before he passed away and I saved a few of his more decorative brushes as a keep sake so they would look fabulous under the tall one. And both my father and my other half’s father (who has also recently passed away) were fortunate to be awarded MBE’s so it would be nice to display them both under the smaller one.

  21. I have some tiny, delicate guinea pig ornaments that I would display in it.

  22. Baby Shoes and a butterfly brooch that too nice not to have on show.

  23. Two ornaments we bought from Egypt, one of Tutankhamun and one of Anubis

  24. I have a couple of gorgeous Swarovski crystal ornaments – a swan and a dove, which were given to me as gifts on two ‘landmark’ occasions – leaving a job I was at for ten years to try something completely different, and for my wedding.
    These domes would be perfect for displaying them to best advantage – and would help keep them dust free. They’re quite intricate and very difficult to dust!

  25. I have a plaster cast of my son’s hand when he was a toddler and he painted it gold – it would be perfect!

  26. Sugar craft flowers from my special birthday cake The dome would keep them clean and preserve them

  27. These are so pretty i would show off my dried flower collections ( yes a hobby ) without the worry of my cat flicking the heads off ( her hobby! )

  28. I would display a little soft toy rabbit that I’ve had since I was little. He’s tucked away in a drawer at the moment but deserves to be on show!

  29. hi, i would display in one my bays first bootie which i have covered in silver! and his very first rugby trophy 11 years on :) xxx

  30. I have sections of my wedding bouquet preserved and they would look absolutely stunning in these!

  31. i would like a bell jar to display my sons first pair of shoes.
    (and its my birthday on the 17th)

  32. i have alot of beautiful crystal ornaments and i thhink they would look lovely in them

  33. I would put very decorative candles in them as I have some beautiful one which are for display ONLY

  34. i would display the cake top from my only daughters wedding cake, it was a beautiful pink and white creation!!

  35. I have a lovely crystal ball ornament that belonged to my Mum. Would love to keep it special

  36. A dried tarantula and a collection of shells from our time spent travelling the world

  37. i have made a Fabergé egg in one of my craft classes so i would put that under one so i can show it off and prove to people that i am good at things!!!!!

  38. id display a stone my brother brought back from his tour in afganistan

  39. Oh i’ve loads of little lovely bits and bobs that gather dust, these would be perfect to keep them dust free!

  40. I collect cow ornaments (love anything cow!) so they would go in these :)

  41. I have an amazing boyfriend who buys me gifts that he thinks I would like and they would look delightful underneath this prize, it be saying to him that I appreciate the fact that you treat me like a princess so though I don’t have a glass slipper to put underneath this prize, I do have someones love.

  42. I bought some sculptures when I visited Australia, I put these in the jars, they would look great

  43. I’d display Daisy’s first pair of shoes in one of the domes because I’d love to keep them safe but on display. In the other dome I’d store a gorgeous clock I received from work. Hopefully the dome would protect it from dust and damage.

  44. I have some lovely Lalique glass sculptures that would look fantastic in these.

  45. a pretty and delicate red glass bell that my late mum gave to me, I’m always scared it will get broken, so this would be perfect, and a lovely crystal glass oyster complete with pearl, also left to me by my mum.

  46. My little daughter makes the most amazing models using every day objects, she is only 10 but very talented, I would choose my favourite and display it in the dome !

  47. i would use it to display some lovely butterflyes i have made from feathers as i cant dust them so keep them in a box and this way i could show them off finally

  48. A couple of WW1 standing medals which my grandfather-in law was honoured with would be fit the domes perfectly.

  49. My wedding figures made of sugar which is off the two of us plus our two puss cats!

  50. Ooh so cool. I’d display a fresh flower head in one, and favourite
    Piece of family heirloom
    Jewellery in the other.

  51. I have a ceramic shoe that belonged to my great-grandmother – inside it are some dried flowers that were given to my mother the day I was born :) It would be nice to have a way to display them without worrying about the flowers being damaged – they’re so delicate!

  52. My friend and I have a collection of feathers from various birds we have had as pets over the years so these would be a lovely way to display them.

  53. If I won I would give myself and my Mum £20 each, and challene each other to find something wonderful from a fair!