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birthday giveaway no. 2

i’m cracking open the booze and moving swiftly onto birthday giveaway no.2!

a few weeks ago i was sent a box of rekorderlig to test taste some of the swedish brand’s new and exciting cider flavours with my (very willing!) housemates. i’ve been a fan of their strawberry and lime cider for some time, having first come across it at a summer fashion event a few years ago, but had no idea that they had such an extensive range of flavours, including premium apple, premium pear, wild berries, apple and blackcurrent, and a luscious winter cider spiced with vanilla and cinnamon – which is delicious served warm. we all ended up seriously divided over which was the best flavour, but it is safe to say we pretty much loved them all!

and now rekorderlig have another new flavour hitting the uk, just in time for summer: mango and raspberry. i’ve yet to taste it but it sounds amazing and will surely distil the taste of summer into one deliciously cool drink.

so, i’m very excited that rekorderlig are kindly offering 5 lucky readers a box of  6 bottles of this tantalising new flavour, in celebration of fabric of my life’s third birthday!

all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me which is your favourite rekorderlig flavour.

now, come on, let’s get this party started!

this giveaway is open to all residents of mainland united kingdom (except employees of the promoter, their families and anyone professionally involved with this promotion). you must be over the age of 18 to enter and be able to provide a photocopy or scan of your i.d. to prove this if you win. there will be five winners selected, each winning one box of six bottles of the new mango raspberry rekorderlig cider. the giveaway closes at 5pm on 16th may 2012, and the winner will be drawn at random and notified after this date.


  1. and birthday giveaway no.2 is live! win 6 bottles of the new @rekorderlig mango raspberry cider – sounds divine, right? http://t.co/n5RVIw3r

  2. Pear!! I love their pear cider. So glad they are bringing more flavours to the UK :)

  3. Ahhh I love Rekorderlig! My favourite flavour is definitely Strawberry in lime, I wasn’t sure how it’d work at first but I loved it from the first sip!

  4. Awesome. Rekordeling strawberry and lime was my summer drink of choice last year. Roll on again summer ’cause I want some of that mango and raspberry.

  5. New blog: birthday giveaway no. 2 http://t.co/ar8TVhCY

  6. I’m torn between the strawberry and lime and the vanilla and cinnamon – I guess if I had to choose it would be strawberry and lime! It’s gorgeous!

  7. Definitely the strawberry and lime! :)

  8. I’ve never had Rekorderlig cider before, but the new mango rapsberry sounds delicious!

  9. I love pear cider so must try this new Rekorderlig version, is it as sugary sweet as the Kopparberg one?

  10. I love the strawberry & lime flavour! Although I’ve not tried the apple & blackcurrent yet that sounds yummy! xx

  11. I love the pear cider, but the new flavours sound fab

  12. Birthday giveaway no.2 – #win a case of @rekorderlig cider’s new mango-raspberry flavour http://t.co/n5RVIw3r – it’s so yummy :)

  13. Premium pear. Always a winner.

  14. I absolutely love the strawberry and lime flavour x

  15. The winter cider is perfect!

  16. We love the Strawberry & Lime :)

  17. RT @fabricofmylife: Birthday giveaway no.2 – #win a case of @rekorderlig cider’s new mango-raspberry flavour http://t.co/n5RVIw3r – it’s so yummy :)

  18. the pear cider

  19. Pear all the way, tastes fab x

  20. I love the mixed berries one <3

  21. I love the Apple and Blackcurrant flavour. It reminds me of a picnic’s when I was little, drinking brightly coloured plastic cup fulls of juice! It reminds me of summer- and happy memories!

  22. My fave is the pear cider!

  23. Pear cider for me – super chilled, its crisp, refreshing and incredibly fruity. We just need a nice hot day to drink it on now!

  24. A very close toss up between the Mixed Berries and the Strawberry and Lime but would come down in favour of the Mixed Berries but would love to try the new flavour

  25. Pear is divine

  26. Mmm mixed berries. A taste of summer x

  27. I haven’t heard of rekorderlig , but would love to try them all, apple and black current first though.

  28. The Mixed Berries comes top IMHO

  29. Love the Pear Cider!

  30. My favourite flavour is definitely Strawberry in lime – refreshing

  31. I like them all, but Pear is my favourite

  32. the strawberry and lime x

  33. it has to be pear flavour

  34. It’s cider, must be premium apple

  35. without a doubt….pear :-)

  36. RT @fabricofmylife: Birthday giveaway no.2 – #win a case of @rekorderlig cider’s new mango-raspberry flavour http://t.co/n5RVIw3r – it’s so yummy :)

  37. Premium pear flavour is the favourite for me :)

  38. pear, though I love the winter cider too!

  39. Definitely strawberry and lime!

  40. Strawberry & Lime makes for a super duper bang bang time!!=)

  41. winter cider spiced with vanilla and cinnamon is a must.

  42. The premium pear has been my new best friend on a warm evening in the garden. But I d love to try new falvours or even flavours x

  43. I am yet to try this but the Wild Berry flavour sound really lush :) x

  44. wild berries is gorgeous

  45. Strawberry and Lime. Many thanks for the fab competition. x

  46. strawberry

  47. Would have to be apple and blackcurrent the sweeter the better!

  48. Apple and blackcurrant is an instant reminder of summer. The tart flavour of blackcurrants were made for the mellow flavour of the apples. I just love this cider!

  49. Strawberry and lime – refreshing and a great summer drink

  50. I love the strawberry and lime flavour, so delicious :)

  51. I love the strawberry and lime

  52. Pear, so refreshing.

    1. Strawberry and Lime, yum!

  53. The lovely winter cider spiced with vanilla and cinnamon

  54. Just love the pear.

  55. They are all scrumptious but the Wild Berry slightly edges it

  56. origanal Rekordalig cider on ice – lovely on a hot summers day (if we get one)

  57. I have not tasted this cider but I like the idea of Premium Wild Berries and would love to try it

  58. Mmm strawberry & lime for me (so much nicer than the Kopparberg one).

  59. Strawberry and Lime

  60. Strawberry and Lime

  61. pear is so refreshing

  62. Love the Pear

  63. got to be the pear, i love it

  64. strawberry and lime

  65. Oh Strawberry & Lime. Mmm.

  66. I always have some bottles of their pear cider in.

  67. I love Apple & Blackcurrant. Beyond delicious!

  68. Wild Berries, I just love fruit ciders!

  69. Strawberry and Lime – so lovely and refreshing for the Summer

  70. pear

  71. Definitely the winter cider! I love it hot and cold. Even my mum who has always hated cider likes the winter cider when it’s hot.

  72. Strawberry and Lime

  73. Apple and Blackcurrant please

  74. premium pear, so refreshing on a summer night served with ice

  75. Wild berries, for sure. So delicious and so summery. Perfect for sharing with friends in the garden on a lovely warm summers afternoon.

  76. Pear is my favourite :)

  77. Premium apple – very traditional!

  78. Strawberry and lime – it’s the only one I have tried and I love it.

  79. The Strawberry and Lime flavour is fab althought it’s quite sweet I can only drink 2 bottles in a row. The new Mango and Raspberry flavour sounds yummy and I would love to win some:)

  80. Decisions, decisions! Probably Pear would be my favourite but I also love Strawberry & Lime – depends on the weather, Strawberry is a sunshine drink for me.

  81. I love the strawberry flavour x

  82. Pear is definately my favourite although I rather enjoy them all.
    Good to have something different as well.

  83. strawberry and lime!

  84. I love all their ciders but my favourite has to be apple and blackcurrant :)

  85. Wild Berries, but Mango and Raspberry sounds awesome!

  86. The apple flavour because it’s so fresh and crisp… and also is one with the most alcohol content!

  87. oohhh the pear, lovely xx

  88. Love pear – so refreshing.

  89. Apple and Blackcurrant, so refreshing

  90. Strawberry and Lime is lush! :) x

  91. Has to be apple and blackcurrant

  92. pear, pear, pear !!!

  93. strawberry and lime

  94. Strawberry and lime all the way!

  95. I loved the mango one and would love to try this one

  96. pear is so lovely

  97. Strawberry and lime, no contest!

  98. The pear flavour for me.

  99. I’ve never heard of these! Where oh where have they been hiding? They all sound lovely but i think the strawberry and lime has my name on.

  100. Pear

  101. i heart wild berries flavour with all of my little heart. though funny feeling this could get sidelined by mango and raspberry. summer in a glass. de-licious! x

  102. Just love the pear.

  103. pear cider

  104. i dont have just one favourite i love them all equally, just depends what my tastebuds fancy at the time x

  105. Strawberry – Lime Cider, Yummy.

  106. Pear cider

  107. premium apple

  108. I’ve not tried any of the range but I like the sound of the strawberry and lime cider :)

  109. pear cider is really refreshing in a tall glass with ice yummy

  110. Pear … my favourite … scrummy!

  111. pear cider

  112. I’m a cider drinker so i like them all equally.

  113. Premium apple

  114. Strawberry & Lime, yummy!

  115. My favourite flavour is wild berries, but to be honest it is the only one I’ve tried – I’m sure they are all equally delicious!

  116. love all the flavours x

  117. Strawberry & Lime

  118. All good, but Pear is my fave!

  119. I love the strawberry and lime and the pear the best but i am a fan of this cider in general.

  120. it has to be the strawberry and lime, only recently discoverd and now always drink of choice (even though i work for a wine company).

  121. They are all sooooooooooooo good but if i had to say one it would have to be apple and blackcurrent

  122. Strawberry – Lime is my favourite

  123. winter cider is great , pear is yummy

  124. Pear is my favourite

  125. premium pear – added zing without too much sweetness

  126. Apple & blackcurrant is so refreshing, love it.x

  127. Strawberry lime sounds nice.

  128. Premium Pear for me!

  129. pear, mmmmmmmmmmm lol

  130. got to be the winter spiced!

  131. The premium apple flavour is my favourite.

  132. Premium Apple

  133. Ive not tried this cider before but love the sound of Mango and raspberry my 2 favourite fruits.

  134. winter cider MMmmmmmm x

  135. I love the pear

  136. pear is my favourite

  137. I love the Strawberry and Lime – so refreshing and delicious!

  138. pear is the one for me please.

  139. wild berries

  140. Pear cider for me!

  141. im loving the pear, very fruity so im hoping that these count towards my 5 a day! haha

  142. i love the wild berry s one :-)

  143. Strawberry and lime is the best

  144. i would have to say pear

  145. The Wild berries one is yummy xx

  146. pear cider

  147. Definitely the pear :)

  148. I don’t have a fave as have not tried them but I would LOVE too

  149. i have tried any yet, but the strawberry and lime sounds yummy

  150. Pear Pear Pear!!!!

  151. Premium pear for me

  152. Raspberry for me :)

    1. Wild Berries

  153. Nothing better than sitting on the patio in the sun with a nice cold glass of cider – Pear for me (just need the sun now)!

  154. apple and blackcurrant

  155. Plain and simple Pear for me!

  156. it has to be pear, nothing better.

  157. pear

  158. Lovely Apple & Blackcurrant flavour

  159. I love the strawberry and lime flavour! I was lucky enough to recently win a box of their new flavour from them, orange and ginger, but with luxury like Rekorderlig I will be saving them for xmas :) x

  160. I enjoy Rekorderlig wild berries flavour so it would be interesting to try the new mango and raspberry flavour. Congratulations on your third birthday!

  161. Winter cider

  162. Has to be Wild Berries how yummy so nice sitting out in the sun with music playing sipping yummy drinks :) x

  163. Pear,without a shadow of a doubt.

  164. Raspberry

  165. Pear

  166. Strawberry/lime

  167. well i’ve never tried it, but the wild berries sounds pretty great! YUM!

  168. Wild berries is my favourite – yummy!

  169. Wild berries is delicious

  170. Pear :-) Yum :-)

  171. Strawberry and Lime is definitely my favourite! It’s fresh and tastes like summer!

  172. pear

  173. Raspberry is my favourite

  174. Pear, has to be, with ice

  175. The old favourite Pear

  176. I like both raspberry and pear!

  177. Strawberry and lime please

  178. I love apple and blackcurrent!

  179. Strawberry and lime

  180. Vanilla and cinammon, mmmmm delightful

  181. Raspberry for me too !

  182. Strawberry and Lime :)

  183. Mmm got to be Pear ;)

  184. bit of a traditionalist so it’s pear cider for me (I’m not quite traditional enough for apple :-)

  185. Raspberry is the one i love to drink most.

  186. apple and blackcurrant is divine!

  187. pear for me

  188. a traditionalist – pear!

  189. Im not square, I love the pear!

  190. Raspberry

  191. Raspberry

  192. Raspberry is lovely.

  193. has to be premium pear for me :)

  194. I still love pear :-)

  195. warm winter cider on an unseasonable cold, wet and windy May evening would be just the thing to cosy up to, well that is unless the unlikely becomes likely and George Clooney pops by.

  196. Premium Pear

  197. Strawberry & Lime

  198. Pear – its delicious

  199. wild berries

  200. Pear

  201. pear is the best.

  202. Wild berries, it’s just so good you forget it’s alcoholic…..oops

  203. Premium apple.

  204. My fav has to be premium apple. Yum!

  205. strawberry and lime

  206. wild berries I love cider and berry combo.. really feels like summer x

  207. wild berries

  208. Premium Pear but I think that mango and raspberry sounds lovely and just right for summer.

  209. wild berrys gets my vote :)

  210. premium pear yum yum!!

  211. Gotta be Wild Berries, So Summery and refreshing :)

  212. premium apple crisp, fresh taste yummy!

  213. wild berries please

  214. Apple & Blackcurrant

  215. I love the strawberry and lime- perfect with a summer bbq!

  216. premium apple for me!

  217. Strawberry and lime for me! Yum

  218. Wild Berries does it for me!

  219. Enter before 5pm today to #win yourself a box of @rekorderlig raspberry-mango cider, http://t.co/n5RVIw3r

  220. wild berries

  221. Mango and raspberry sharp n sweet x

  222. STRAWBERRY AND LIME! I would quite like it on a drip going straight into my vein please…

  223. Wild berries. Lovely!

  224. Apple and Blackcurrant :)

  225. I love the strawberry and lime.

  226. I love the winter cider spiced with vanilla and cinnamon but the new one sounds delicious!

  227. premium pear over ice in summer

  228. Wild Berries!

  229. omg wild berries soooooooooo good

  230. StrawBerry & Lime

  231. mmmmmm strawberry and lime yummmmmm

  232. apple and Blackcurrant yum

  233. Gotta be apple & blackcurrent!

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