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hallo berlin!

i’m off to berlin for a couple of days, and really wish i had this adorable city guide to accompany me! it looks super cute, with lots of hand drawn illustrations and lots of insider tips on sightseeing, shopping, relaxing and um… karaoke (!)

small caps also have a wonderful range of travel notebooks coming soon – i’m definitely going to have to stock up for my next overseas adventure!

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  1. New blog: hallo berlin! http://t.co/DOiDwA9s

  2. How Lovely! It’s like a scrapbook ;)

  3. Ooooh lucky you! I’ve not been to Berlin before but it looks incredible! I hope u r going to take lots of nice photos for us! :-) x

    1. Been snapping away in the sun all day, working on a little feature for the next issue of HH, watch this space! x

  4. Oh Berlin! How lovely. Are you going to be attending the Hive? Or are you just having a city break?

    1. Unfortunately won’t be attending Hive, I was just in Berlin for 2 days for the launch of Villeroy and Boch’s Second Glance project
      Are you going to Hive? Hope you have a fabulous time if you do! x

      1. Well that sounds exciting as well! :)

        A couple of months back I was trying to choose between the Hive and Meet the Blogger, and ended up decidng on MTB. But then 3 weeks ago, I was invited to a wedding of an old friend the same weekend as MTB, so now I am missing both blog events…

        I have ben nagging Lyn and Ellie to arange another Blognic event though :)