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carry on reigning ma’am

| 1. diamond jubilee tea cosy | 2. diamond jubilee ring | 3. british twang art print | 4. vintage union jack bunting | 5. diamond jubilee tea towel | 6. jubilee flags | 7. bone china jubilee mug | 8. diamond jubilee canvas bag | 9. royal corgi cup and saucer |

with less than a week to go until the queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations, it seems everywhere i turn we are under seige from red, white and blue bunting and union jack prints!

living down by the river, i cannot wait to see the flotilla begin the assemble and the crowds gathering. it really does feel like such a magical time in london, and although i’m usually loathe to buy into ‘memorabilia’ i am finding myself more and more drawn to products celebrating the queen’s glorious reign.

i’ve a particular soft spot for the adorable bone china owl mug, as well as the royal corgi cup and saucer; i’m sure the queen would approve!

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  1. New blog: carry on reigning ma’am http://t.co/7COIQQx4

  2. Many thanks for including my Diamond Jubilee tea cosy in your wonderful blog – much appreciated!