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i simply adore these stylish storage solutions from spanish contemporary furniture brand quattria!

the marc coffee table by gauzak that doubles as a magazine rack is genius, and offers a wonderfully innovative way to keep your favourite design mags out of display – my vintage copies of vogue italia would look beauuutiful hanging from its slim cross-bars.

the anita shelves by ricard mollon are available in every letter, allowing you to customise your own name or favourite phrase into your shelving units. i pondered for a moment over whether i would have enough stuff to fill shelving that spelt out ‘fabric of my life’ but seriously, yes – of course i do!

but the jorge magazine rack, also by gauzak, is probably my absolute favourite; sleek and elegant and beautifully simple in its design, while the natural leather handle adds the perfect finishing touch.

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  1. I love these beautiful magazine racks from @quattria – http://t.co/VQhRhjzU #dbcollective

  2. RT @fabricofmylife: I love these beautiful magazine racks from @quattria – http://t.co/LreITFg3 #dbcollective // Thank you very much!!

  3. I love the coffee table! I think it would be great with any kind of furniture.