welcome to real

it is always exciting to get invited to participate in real life projects, so i’m  very happy to have been invited to become a founding member of real: the physical network who love the holdable, huggable, touchable, smellable real world.

i’m a blogger who truly loves her existance in the digital world (jeez, i wouldn’t know all of you if i hadn’t embraced the online community!), but sometimes it is nice to stop staring at the computer screen and just get out there, into the big wide world. as crazy as it sounds, i often think that making the decision to start this blog and channel my creative energies into my online persona has forced me to actually get out there and try so many new things, in order to have fabulous and inspiring experiences to actually share with you. does that sound strange?

so when real approached me about their physical community i jumped at the chance. what exactly is this physical network you ask, and why does it exist? well, real are aiming to reclaim the word ‘post’. sure, what you’re reading right here, right now, is a post – but it’s a digital one, and long before we all when online, post was the official system for the delivery of mail, irl.*

real believe a world where memories of holidays only exist in digital imagery and 140 character posts is far less wonderful than the world where memories exist in the form of real objects with smells, textures, tastes and sounds that can be cherished. so with that in mind, they have set up a space where you can post real things to your own personal plot, and have invited a mix of people in marketing, publishing and the arts to participate.

it may come as no surprise that i am a hoarder of the physical world. i have shelves brimming with momentoes from vacations and days out; matchboxes pilfered from bars, ticket stubs from cinema, festivals and gallery outings, photo booth strips and much, much more, all holding the essence of the past in a real and tangible form, and many of these i will be contributing to my physical plot (#47**) over the next few weeks.

you can keep tabs on my plot by checking in here, and if you’re in london in july you can even stop by and visit it – i’d certainly love to hear what you think!

real is open monday – friday, 8am – 10am and 5pm – 7pm until 27th july at the roa gallery, 1-2 royal opera arcade, 5b pall mall, london, sw1y 4uy.

* in real life  ** by happy co-incidence, i grew up in house #47!


  1. @guardianselect

    3 July

    welcome to real » the fabric of my life http://t.co/lQwrzqQB

  2. This sounds really interesting Kate x

  3. Love it! Just registered my interest with the project.

  4. Michelle

    3 July

    Totally agree that blogging gets you out there and opens up your world. Met lots of lovely people and started conversations in virtual and real life.

  5. Posted my first submission to @WeLoveReal today – you can find out all about the project here > http://t.co/VpxR1yDo

  6. New blog: welcome to real http://t.co/nWjFId3q

  7. RT @fabricofmylife: Posted my first submission to @WeLoveReal today – you can find out all about the project here > http://t.co/VpxR1yDo

  8. RT @fabricofmylife: Posted my first submission to @WeLoveReal today – you can find out all about the project here > http://t.co/VpxR1yDo

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