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my favourite material of late has been tiling – i keep being drawn to beautiful imagery showing tall staircases decked out in clashing colours and prints, shower rooms emblazoned with millions of miniature squares, and entranceways with decorative mosaic flooring.

i’d always assumed that tiling would cost the earth – the impact it can make is so powerful – but i discovered that it is not difficult to make a big style statement on a purse-friendly budget at tiling specialists topps tiles.

their ethos is tiles for everyone, and they have a fantastic showcase on their website providing inspiration for better bathrooms, dream kitchens and statement floors. while i love the clean white simplicity of the kitchen countertop above with stylish black grouting,  i found so many other innovative and inspiring images to spark my imagination.

here are a few of my faves:

1. how delightful would it be to tile a feature wall in a mix ‘n’ match colour palette!? it is great to see they have not stuck to a uniform pattern, rather chosen colours haphazardly for a bright and cheerful breakfast area that is bound to put a spring in your step every morning!

2. while i love the purity of white, a block wall of your favourite colour can be incredibly uplifting, and these bright cherry red tiles create a wonderfully retro feel in this charming kitchen. the white grouting helps to lighten the overall feel and prevent the colour block from being overwhelming.

3. alternating the size of your tiles, especially on a kitchen countertop splashback, adds interest and ups the style stakes! i love these blue tiles flecked with sparkle, and breaking up a narrow band of tiling around the surface top with a larger block behind the stove, is a great way to extend the impact without going overboard.

4. i said i was drawn to funky flooring just now, and these checkboard mosaic tiles are truly delightful and remind me of an exotic moroccan courtyard. rather than having to fiddle with thousands of tiny tiles, the intricate pattern is printed into larger square ones, making them incredibly easy to lay. they would look wonderful extended from a entranceway up a wide staircase, don’t you think?

5. finally, i love the arabic-inspired design of these tiles that feels so calming and tranquil, making them perfect for creating a zen-like oasis of a bathroom. wouldn’t this just be the perfect space to unwind?

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  1. Love those tiles! You’re right, tiles are so simple but can have a powerful effect on the whole room. Some nice design ideas there.

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