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we’re jammin’

hot humid days in the city always make me want to pack up a picnic and head to the park to soak up the rays, preferably accompanied by the dulcet tones of some classic summer tunes.

so, lured in by the stylish good looks of the new big jambox wireless speaker from jawbone, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that beneath the beautifully sleek industrial design and compact size, there was a wealth of innovative audio technology that allowed the device to pump out a rich, loud sound that is clear and crisp, making the days of listening to the crackle of standard portable speakers a thing of the past.

the new big jambox has the ability to turn any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable, hi-fi sound system by simply connecting wirelessly via bluetooth. designed to be social, the jambox has simultaneous multipoint bluetooth connectivity, allowing your friends to easily take turns dj-ing, and take control of the playlist through their own smartphones or tablets.

“we designed big jambox to be artful and fit perfectly with how people live,” said yves behar, chief creative officer for jawbone. “every element goes back to the purest expression of simplicity, performance and elegance – its compact size, the unique sound you hear when it’s turned on, the colors and the wrapped patterned steel grill. well-designed products don’t sacrifice form or function.”

i, for one, was definitely sold; here’s to hoping we have plenty of days of summer sun left to enjoy this beauty outdoors, as well as in!

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  1. Hmm, looks interesting. It’s first time when I heard about jambox :)