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house proud

the new HOUSE by john lewis range, which launches in store today, is designed to be at the heart of a contemporary home: stylish modern design that has been well made and is surprisingly affordable.

the 600-piece range features everyday products that exude a clean, uncluttered aesthetic and includes furniture, lighting, textiles, cooking and dining accessories. the products have been created with long-lasting design in mind, with an evolving colour palette that is anchored by a strong combination of neutrals, with a playful set of solid colours and patterns being introduced for different seasons.

my favourite pieces from the new collection include the stride living room and bedroom furniture ranges, with their clean scandi-inspired lines and splayed legs,  as well as the fabulous range of knitted cushions and sofa throws.

i’m delighted to have 3 sets of red and 2 sets of grey knitted HOUSE cushions and throws to giveaway (worth £55 each) to five lucky readers. all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post letting me know which colour you’d prefer.

this giveaway is open to all residents of mainland united kingdom (except employees of the promoter, their families and anyone professionally involved with this promotion). the giveaway closes at 11.59pm on 28th september 2012, and the winner will be drawn at random and notified after this date.


  1. Red is great !!
    Love your site.

  2. got to be the red

  3. I’d love the red one!

  4. Red is the only colour that matters

  5. Grey please, would look gorgeous in my new bedroom. Thanks! :-)

  6. grey please

  7. Love the grey

  8. Red to go with my mini!

  9. I would like the grey, neutrals can go everywhere.

  10. Would love the grey

  11. I’d love the Red one

  12. I’ve just decorated the lounge and the settee and chair look decidedly old, so I have been looking for a nice throw and cushions. This one, in red please, would be perfect.

  13. The Grey ones please

  14. got to be red just like roses very romantic

  15. Definitely red

  16. Grey is classy.

  17. Would love the grey – the red is nice but the grey seems so restful!

  18. Definitely the grey, very understated and elegant.

  19. lovely red

  20. I would like the grey

  21. Cosy red would be lovely!

  22. Grey! Absolutely obsessed with grey at the minute. Just recieved the John Lewis catalogue with this range in today and I am lusting over everything! My poor bank balance…!

  23. The grey would go perfect in my living room!

  24. I would love the grey – timeless elegance

  25. Grey

  26. red please

  27. red please!

  28. I’d like the red ones please, they would match my sofa

  29. Red is the best, so passionate!

  30. Would LOVE the Red x

  31. The red ones please

  32. Grey please

  33. The red would really clash, so it would have to be the grey…

  34. i love the red

  35. Red is great!

  36. The red is gorgeous.

  37. I would love the red one as it would brighten up the grey sofa bed I am already planning on buying from the house range

  38. Grey please

  39. Grey please! Love the blog :)

  40. Loving the red!

  41. red please

  42. Oh lovely. Either would be fantastic, but I think grey is just edging it..

  43. The red one is lovely

  44. I lovw the red it would go perfectly in my house

  45. red please

  46. I love the red – will look fab in my living room.

  47. Love the Grey

  48. Grey, please!

  49. Red please!

  50. The grey is gorgeous ! x

  51. Grey!

  52. loving the red

  53. Red is really nice !

  54. Grey would be lovely

  55. Grey please

  56. I would like to win the red, red matches my living room theme.

  57. red would be great


  59. Grey would go best in my room

  60. would love the grey

  61. I love the Red it is bright and beautiful!

  62. grey would look great in my living room thank you

  63. Red please – nice and colourful

  64. Its got to be red as that’s the best…..I’m a poet and didn’t even know it lol

  65. it has to be red, bright and vibrant love it x x x x

  66. the red is the best, brightens up any room

  67. Red please would match my bedroom that I’ve just finished

  68. Grey pls

  69. Red please

  70. Afternoon, love the red ,thank you, have a great week

  71. Red Please

  72. I love the red, it would inspire me to re-decorate!

  73. the grey is divine

  74. I would love red :) A very cheerful colour :) xx

  75. Grey would go lovely with my red sofas.

  76. red please

  77. I love the grey!

  78. What a fabby give-away! I LOVE the grey set, so pretty! Fingers crosses :-) Laura.

  79. Grey would be ideal, thanks.

  80. i’d love the cosy grey, my fave slouchy clothes are grey and i think this prize would be the ideal accessories to enhance my winter evenings!

  81. Grey for me please – very nice indeed. Many thanks for running :)

  82. Red for me please

  83. I like the Grey!
    Thank you!

  84. Grey, need a calm colour

  85. Love the red

  86. Grey pretty please! Would look perfect in our bedroom :)

  87. Red please – we have a red feature wall & cream sofas so these would go perfectly!

  88. grey please

  89. Would really love the grey. xx

  90. They are both lovely, surprise me :-) x

  91. It’s got to be white!

  92. The red to add warmth on a cold winter’s day

  93. Oohh the grey one would look fab in our new flat (move in next week)


  94. <3 the red

  95. The red for me please, just the right shade.

  96. Grey any day, for me.

  97. I love the red! It would have to be the red for me!

  98. Lov ethe grey!

  99. I would love the grey it would be a perfect accessory to my new bedroom!

  100. Lovely. Grey please

  101. Red is my favourite colour – so a red set for me, please!

  102. Red please ! That would really brighten my lounge.

  103. The red ones would be great

  104. Grey would be lovely!

  105. If lucky to win would love the red set

  106. The red would be perfect for my living room

  107. oooo red please

  108. The red one! :)

  109. I absolutely LOVE the grey! They would look lovely on my new sofa :)

  110. Red is soooooooooooo sassy!

  111. Red please xx

  112. I love the red set

  113. Grey

  114. I love the grey x


  116. Gorgeous! Would love the grey if I’m lucky enough to win please :)

  117. Red

  118. Grey please :) x

  119. They grey one, please – it would look better with my colour scheme. Thanks!

  120. The grey one looks great thanks xx

  121. The red would match my sofa perfectly!

  122. I just love the Red, it’s my favourite colour, would love to wrap up in front of the TV in the throw with my head of the bouncy cushion.

  123. Great website, I think they both look great however if I won would love the grey ones for my room :) Thanks!

  124. Both colours look great, but I would prefer the grey please. :)

  125. grey

  126. Grey would look great with my navy suite. Red is great also.

  127. I love the grey! Simple, but stunning :-)
    Thank you x

  128. I’d love to win the grey set please

  129. Grey would be great

  130. Red is fab

  131. Id love the red, for my front room or bedroom.

  132. I love the red one…would love to win it :)

  133. Grey all the way please

  134. Red, it’s gorgeous! :)

  135. The Grey is lovely.

  136. The grey one is beautiful and just what I’ve been looking for.

  137. red please

  138. Red please

  139. Love the Red

  140. Love the red as it really POPS!

  141. loving the red.x

  142. Red please to brighten up an already bland looking sitting room at my flat.

  143. If I should be lucky enough to win, I’d love the grey set please. Our sofa is red, so the grey would provide a nice contrast :-)

  144. Grey

  145. Its got to be the grey one. Could be worked into most colour schemes.

  146. Should i be lucky and win, i’d love the Red one

  147. I love the red one it would look fantastic in my room.

  148. Red, my favourite colour

  149. Love the red one.

  150. The grey would look great in the boys room, and the red would give my front room some winter warmth….spoilt for choice!

  151. Really like both but grey please x

  152. Grey please!

  153. grey please

  154. I would like to win the red one please

  155. I love them both, but prefer the grey!

  156. I’d love the grey!!

  157. Both lovely but I would like the grey :)

  158. I think they both look lovely, I do like knitted cushions they look cosy and warm and coupled with the throw you would’nt want to move of the sofa.
    Either colour would be great for me its the product I love. :)

  159. Its got to be grey, matching the colour of a watery grey winter sky.

  160. I love the grey – it will match the pale blue sofabed we have!

  161. I would like the red

  162. It has to be the red, it looks so cosy!

  163. Red please!

  164. Red is lovely but I would prefer the grey as it would go better with my colour scheme.

  165. Grey is fab! Grey please!

  166. Ooh I’d love the grey! Not going to be allowed the heating on for a while so this would help.

  167. Its gotta be the grey would enhance any room in my house, but especially my chaise :)

  168. The grey is beautiful

  169. I would love the red!!

  170. I’d choose the grey please

  171. Grey for me please, classic look would give my sofa the chic style I desire.

  172. The Red looks great

  173. I love the grey, oh so beautiful

  174. Love red!!

  175. Red would be great.

  176. If i won, id give it to my mum, who would defiantly love the RED!!

  177. Would love the Grey, would go perfect in my lounge!

  178. Lovely prizes thanks – I’d prefer red please.

  179. Definitely red. Would go great in my living room.

  180. Grey please

  181. Hard decision Kate, but going with the Grey

  182. Grey please. To match my hair!

  183. Grey would be amazing to protect my new sofa :)

  184. The red throw for me please

  185. The grey would look stunning on my red sofa!

  186. Red please :-)


  187. would prefer the red

  188. I love the red, and if i won it’d give me the perfect excuse to redecorate the lounge!

  189. Red please x

  190. would love the grey pls

  191. the grey would go in my house perfectly ! please x lol x

  192. My lounge is red and black and the cushions are really old and tatty these would look fab!

  193. Love the style and site but please ‘make my house proud’ by putting the grey ones in my sitting room. Thank you

  194. Red! It’d match my living room beautifully!

  195. The grey ones are lovely!

  196. Loving the red. Bold and beautiful! x

  197. Love the red!

  198. Grey please x

  199. Oh it’s soo hard!! They look soooo cosey!! I couldn’t decide so I asked my partner and he said red :) Xx

  200. Love the red one, looks beautiful

  201. Grey for me please.

  202. The red is lovely

  203. I’d love to win the grey, my living room is black white and silver/grey colours so it woud fit right in, fingers crossed they are lovely :-)

  204. Red would look great in my sitting room

  205. I would love the grey ones please xx

  206. would like the red colour as i have that colour scheme in my living room

  207. The grey!

  208. Grey is perfect, but not 50 shades!

  209. grey

  210. I’d love the grey, looks so nice & warm too

  211. Love to have the red please!

  212. I love the grey one! Thank you!

  213. These are rather gorgeous! x If I won, I would choose the grey, as it would be just perfect with my colour scheme.

  214. I’d choose the grey ones if I win, thanks

  215. Oh no! Decisions ofm this kind are not my strong point. Red is perfect for my bedroom while grey is ideal for my son.

  216. red please :)

  217. Lovely colour combination

  218. I love the grey!

  219. I would luuurve the grey x

  220. Red my favourite colour

  221. Love the red!

  222. Signal red

  223. Red please. Great autumnal colour.

  224. Red please

  225. I would love the grey set for my livingroom

  226. red plz, loks fab :)

  227. Red please such a vibrant colour

  228. Red is my favourite colour and would fit in nicely with my other furnishings,so can I have the red please

  229. Red please!

  230. I would like red one. :)))

  231. House is modern and chic. The JohnLewis throw is awesome in grey and would suit our decor.

  232. I’d love the red one!

  233. They look fantastic, the red would go perfectly with my decor.

  234. i would really love the red ones please, they are lovely and would be perfect in my room :)

  235. i love the grey one its fab!!! your site is so easy to use.x

  236. I would have to go for RED!

  237. I’d love to win the red set. Looks warm & cosy…!

  238. I’d love the red!

  239. your site is great–would love to own the red!!

  240. Red please

  241. The red would look great with the rest of the decor

  242. Grey please! It’d go perfectly with my new Charcoal settee!

  243. the grey would be great for me, very nice

  244. Red is just great!

  245. Both nice, but prefer the grey

  246. Love the red :)

  247. Love both, but the grey goes with my sofa!

  248. Loving the Red, just perfect for this time of year!

  249. The red looks amazing that’s my favourite

  250. I would love the red. Fingers crossed and Good Luck Everyone

  251. red looks fab

  252. It’s red for me thank you

  253. I’d love the grey one please.

  254. Great giveaway, thank you.
    I would love the RED, good luck everyone.

  255. Red, please. I could do with an injection of colour into my life!

  256. I really like the grey one might even encourage me to sit down and relax with a good book!

  257. I’d love the red

  258. grey please

  259. Grey would be lovely thanks – would go nicely in my bedroom or living room :-)

  260. Grey please – they will be perfect with my black and white scheme

  261. The grey set please. Would go very well in the lounge or my bedroom, very elegant.

  262. I love the red one, would bring some warmth to the room

  263. The grey would be lovely :)

  264. I love the grey, it reminds me of my childhood.

  265. methinks grey please…

  266. red please :)

  267. I love the red x x x x x

  268. I love the grey, such a soft, neutral colour

  269. Both are lovely, but I think I’d go for the grey.

  270. So hard to choose! But I think I’d like the red :)

  271. What a great blog – some really interesting items and ideas

    I would love the red please

  272. Red please – keep us all awake

  273. grey set – fingers crossed for my new flat!

  274. grey

  275. Oh, definently the grey!

  276. I would love to win the red set – gorgeous!

  277. The Red would be fab

  278. i would love red please, as im just doing my room up with reds in, ty xx

  279. Love the grey xxx

  280. I would love the red one please!

  281. Both good but i’d like the grey!

  282. red please x

  283. Would love the grey please

  284. Xfactor has started so on a countdown to Christmas so must be red!

  285. Ooooh the red :0)

  286. Love the grey … such a neutral colour x

  287. Both are gorgeous but grey more versatile!

  288. I think the grey is fab x

  289. red please to spice up my living room

  290. I love the red x

  291. Love the red colour – perfect to cheer up a cold day.

  292. Red, Red Red! screems my daughter

  293. I love the read ones but the 2 colours together look cool too

  294. Grey is lovely

  295. Grey would be lovely thanks

  296. Got to be grey for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. another fab giveaway i absoloutley love the red set, this would match my colour scheme in my lounge perfectly

  298. I love the red as it matches my sofa

  299. The grey one please.

  300. Great prize, love the red

  301. id love the red ones!!!!

  302. I’d prefer the grey please.

  303. I love the Red ones, thanks

  304. I just love the grey – beautiful

  305. I would love RED please. It will go perfect with the rest of my front room
    Thank you

  306. grey please

  307. Red would add the perfect finishing touch to my sitting room

  308. Red please

  309. I would prefer the grey ones :-)

  310. I would LOVE any color!, the red is great as xmas is coming, and grey is my fav color!

  311. Grey please!

  312. The grey ones would be nice.

  313. The red is lovely, I’d like that one please!

  314. Red please :-)

  315. I’d love the red ones! Many thanks.

  316. I’d really love the red one please

  317. Love the red ones, they would go perfectly in my lounge!

  318. Grey :)

  319. red please

  320. I’d prefer red! :) xxx

  321. I love the red knitted HOUSE cushion and throw!! They would instantly brighten up my living room.

  322. I would love the red set to go with my newly decorated living room this would finish it off perfectly.. thank you for the chance

  323. Loving the Red, bright and vibrant they would love fabulous in my living room.

  324. Red please :-)

  325. grey please

  326. red please

  327. I’m grey please, look s perefct for snuggling now winter is drawing in!

  328. great page,fab giveaway
    Would have to be Red ,this would be great with the oncoming Autumn & Winter ..something bright & cheery ,now the darker evenings are drawing in:)

  329. Red one please

  330. red please

  331. I love the red

  332. Red ones please :)

  333. I prefer the RED one. Looks comforting.

  334. grey please

  335. love the red

  336. The grey ones are GORGEOUS and will go with any colour :) I would love to win these.
    Thank You x

  337. Grey please

  338. grey purleez

  339. I’d love the red ones please!

  340. Lovely accessories. I’d prefer the grey, but red would be lovely too as it would suit a different room.

  341. I love the red ones.

  342. Lovely! Grey please.

  343. the red is lovely

  344. Red is good

  345. I’d love the red ones!

  346. would love the red ones, I have red sofas and burgundy carpet and curtains so they would look great in my living room

  347. Definitely red for me.

  348. I love the red ones !! they would be so fab and cheery in my living room and would be great for the cold winter months ahead.

  349. Fab! I’d like either, but if I had to pick I would say grey x

  350. The red please

  351. I’d love the grey set please!

  352. I’d love the red ones please!

  353. grey for me please.

  354. Red, please. Thank you.

  355. red please

  356. red, much nicer!

  357. The red one please. Its lovely!!!

  358. The grey one please

  359. Red please! They look fab :-)

  360. grey looks amazing…..and would look fab in my house

  361. Red would look lovely in my living room :)

  362. I love the grey knitted throw and cushion. They would love fab in the extension which my husband is building at the moment.

  363. grey please, wonderful contrast to my plum suite :-)

  364. Would love the red if lucky enough to win, they would bring some much needed colour into my home

  365. I love the red ones.

  366. the red is my favourite, bright and cheerful for these long wet grey days

  367. My room is purple and grey so it would have to be Grey as red would clash

  368. I`d love the red ones please.

  369. They grey is just super! So versatile, it would match anything x

  370. Think they both look snuggly but the grey set would fit in better in my home.

  371. Grey please :)

  372. Oooh – red please! Perfect for Christmas coming :)

  373. The red ones look so gorgeous and warming…just need the book and chocolates to go with it for the perfect cold wet winter afternoon (OH yes and for my baby daughter to actually have an afternoon nap !!!)

  374. I’d prefer the grey please.

  375. I love the red ones they would be great for the festive period :)

  376. i would love to have the red set

  377. Grey please! (:

  378. definitely the red, please

  379. grey would be fab!

  380. If I win I’d like the grey please. Thanks!

  381. grey

  382. grey

  383. I’m loving the red one please

  384. I would love the red ones. I love red!

  385. the red ones are great

  386. The grey one please

  387. The grey would go really nicely in my living room

  388. Red one please

  389. I would love the red ones! :)

  390. I’d love the grey :)

  391. I’d love the red set please – just perfect to brighten these colder days as we approach winter.

  392. grey please

  393. I would love the red ones.

  394. I’d looove the red! Its gorgeous!

  395. Love the grey – one of my favourite colours! xoxo

  396. I’d love the grey ones! They would go with so much

  397. I’d love the red ones to brighten up my room

  398. I love red :)

  399. Red ones please

  400. Red please!

  401. I love the grey set, matches my sofa!

  402. grey please :)

  403. The red ones look great please

  404. Ive just decorated my living with dark brown furniture & red pieces of art work so I think the red would fit in perfect for when I fancy having a snuggle on the sofa

  405. I would love the grey please :0)

  406. I’d Love grey!

  407. With winter fully on its way and the autumn colours slowly ebbing in to the distance i would opt for the red ones~ to bring back the viberancy, warmth and colour to that those dark and very miserable days~ and evey time i cast my eyes over them i would remember the bright sunny day that i entered this cometition, proving that the darkness does not last forever!!

  408. grey

  409. just what i need to boost my spirits through the winter

  410. Both nice, but i like the red better, thanks for the giveaway!

  411. red plz

  412. the red please great prize

  413. The grey would look fantastic on my pale green sofas

  414. id prefer the red ones please so cheery and warming

  415. The grey is just what I need.

  416. the red one look fab

  417. Grey please.Thankyou.

  418. red thanx

  419. I’d love the red ones please. A gorgeous red.

  420. I would love the grey please.

  421. Either would be nice, or even a mixture would give a nice variety! Many thanks.

  422. I would love the grey please. x

  423. Red please :-)

  424. I would love the red ones please. They would add a nice touch of colour.

  425. I would love red one . Thank you

  426. Red for me, warm colour for autumn nights!

  427. I’d love to win the grey set, please!

  428. They’re both lovely, but I think I prefer the grey set :-).

  429. Loving the grey. Snuggly in time for winter

  430. I love the red ones

  431. Ooh I’d love the red as I’m decorating my room at the moment and these would put the finishing touches to it xxx

  432. Both beautiful but i would prefer the red ones.

  433. Red please perfect for christmas

  434. They both look great and I would be happy with either colour.

  435. Both are lovely, but I prefer the grey.

  436. red please

  437. RT @fabricofmylife: RT @fabricofmylife: Just a few hours left to enter the HOUSE by @johnlewisretail giveaway on FOML > http://t.co/H3WmDirQ Watch this s …

  438. It’s hard call, but I think the red!

  439. Super give-away!… We’d be thrilled to win either, but the grey would be our preference — they’d be right at home in our midcentury home, Cambria… click through to our Journal ;-)

  440. great prize

  441. Oh God- we have a new grey sofa and I have been looking everywhere for good quality, grey cushions and throw!These would be PERFECT.xxx

  442. Red to brighten my dull lounge!!!

  443. If I won, I wouldn’t care – but I do like the red better. JL

  444. The grey ones would look perfect on my sofa!

  445. grey all the way

  446. Red looks better

  447. Grey is gorgeous :)

  448. I love the red ones, they are lovely and warm

  449. Red!

  450. red please !

  451. Grey ones please!

  452. I would like to win the red set please

  453. the grey please -it’s stunning!!!

  454. Grey please

  455. Red, please!

  456. I love the grey, would be perfect for my bedroom and think it woud creep down to the lounge too!

  457. The Red would be perfect for my lounge.

  458. They are both fabulous but red would suit my style better!!

  459. Red please!

  460. Red would be fab.

  461. Definitely the cosy grey!

  462. reddy for me!!!

  463. would love to have the gray ones would look amazing in my lounge plus will blog about them, and that i won them here :)

  464. So love the RED – the colour red always makes me feel warmer during the winter months. x

  465. Red ones please!

  466. Would love the red please!

  467. how lovely! id love the red ones!

  468. Grey please x

  469. if lucky red please…nice and bright for the winter

  470. They are both gorgeous but the red ones would look great with my existing colour scheme and would ensure a cosy feel for the winter.

  471. The grey ones for me please.

  472. I would like the red ones please, great product

  473. I would prefer the grey please as it would complement my living room

  474. Grey would be amazing in our living room. We are newley-weds, and loving getting our house looking all snug and ready for winter.

  475. Would love to have the red one. I’d be worried about chocolatey fingers on the paler one!

  476. red throw and grey cushions would be luurrrvleeyyy :) x

  477. Lovely items. Like many others, red does it for me.

  478. The Red ones-my very favourite colour

  479. i would love the red please

  480. Grey is gorgeous!

  481. I love the grey one


  483. grey

  484. Red please! x

  485. I’d really love the red ones please

  486. I love the grey this would look great in my abode!

  487. defeinetly grey please will look lovely with the Pebble picture which are different shades of grey *fingers crossed*

  488. I love the Red ones, thanks

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