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travellin’ (wo)man

that’s the thing about travel you see; no matter how much you do, all it does is help spur on your wanderlust!

i’m very lucky to have visited paris, stockholm, berlin, new york and johannesburg this year but even so, i can’t help but daydream about my next little overseas adventure… and these herb lester guides that i recently spotted doing the rounds on pinterest are certainly doing nothing but  kindling the flames of my desire!

so, my friends, where are you off to next?

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  1. New blog: travellin’ (wo)man http://t.co/rsJz9RBJ

  2. Hey Kate,

    You lucky thing. Great places to have visited in one year!!

    I’m obsessed with the Herb Lester maps and own quite a few….there are some super ones. You might like the one for Berlin or the solo traveller to Paris. Magic!

    Hope you are well. Tina x

    1. I’m good, thanks Tina :)

      Going to put in an order for a few of them shortly, so thanks for the recommendations x