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nothing compares to havana

there are always certain sights, tastes and smells that bring all your senses rushing back at once, transporting you in an instant to another moment in time. so for me, the mere mention of havana club rum has me propped up at a wooden bar high up in the topes de collantes, glass in hand, savouring the sweet taste of crushed sugar, zesty lime and exquisite cuban rum after a long day’s hike through the lush forest.

havana club have kept alive the art of ageing and blending premium rums for over 130 years, ensuring the heritage and excellence of a cuban alcohol tradition that i experienced in plenitude during my trip, in the form of many, many daiquiris, cuba libres and of course, mojitos!

so i was very interested to see that havana club have collaborated with stop-motion maestro patrick boivin to help spread word of the adventures of their hero, havana man, a cuban super hero who is looking for one thing only: to serve justice! taking full advantage of cuba’s ubiquitous classic cars, boivin’s colourful video captures the latino-cuban mood of the 1960’s, pulling you into havana man’s high-speed chase of a mischievous pirate, who has stolen the smallest mojito in the world (oh, the gall!)

like any self-respecting cocktail connoisseur, this thieving pirate knows the value of havana club rum in creating the perfect mojito (aye-aye) and wants to keep it all for himself (oh no!) – will havana man win the day and wrestle back cuba’s finest treasure?

you’d best watch the video below to find out…


p.s. i had to also include this video on the making of the smallest mojito in the world; seriously guys, how cute is this?!

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