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feels like home

a few months ago i was invited on a behind-the-scenes tour of the emma bridgewater pottery factory in stoke-on-trent and was absolutely gutted not to be able to attend, as it clashed with something important at work. but knowing how sad i was not to be able to go, those lovely people at emma bridgewater sent me out a personalised mug anyway, with my twitter handle emblazoned across it – isn’t that sweet!?

plus they are offering my wonderful blog readers the chance to win a personalised mug too – just in time for christmas! it would make a lovely gift for a loved one or work colleague – or perhaps you just want to treat yourself (because we all need to treat ourselves once in a while, right?).

you can even choose your favourite pattern from their wonderful array of charming prints (i love the polka dots and pink stars) and they will print up your personalised message on a ½ pint mug.

all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me which your favourite emma bridgewater pattern is. you can also secure an extra entry by ‘liking’ the fabric of my life facebook page here.

this giveaway is open to all residents of mainland united kingdom (except employees of the promoter, their families and anyone professionally involved with this promotion). the giveaway closes at 11.59pm on 21st november 2012, and the winner will be drawn at random and notified after this date.


  1. I love “joy” and “reindeer snowstorm” for being so festive, however, I also love the London print and the fox and squirrel ones. So many great patterns!

  2. I have also “liked” you on FB

  3. i love all your patterns , have liked on facebook too iain maciver

  4. I love the Polka Hearts pattern so sweet :-) Liked on FB! too

  5. Polka dot design always a winner, but my favourite’s are the Goldfinch & Partridge 1/2 pint mugs.

  6. dancing mice is my favourite x

  7. reindeer snowstorm

  8. Liked on FB as claire samuel

  9. Stary Skies is my favourite- out of so many lovely choices!

  10. RT @fabricofmylife: Love @EmmaBridgewater? You can #win yourself a personalised 1/2 pint mug on FOML today – http://t.co/ZNsMgqgT

  11. I love the Hearts design :)

  12. I love the Pink Hearts pattern: I live with one husband and two young boys, so I need more pink femininity in this house!

  13. polka dot my fav liked on facebook too x

  14. It has to be Starry Skies

  15. Definitely the starry skies! I’ve also liked on Facebook

  16. Polka Hearts – Liked on fb

  17. The Polka Hearts pattern is just too cute! :-) Have ‘Liked’ on FB too.

  18. “Starry skies” looks really classy to me!

  19. I love the pink hearts – so girly and might stop him nicking it! Also liked you on FB.

  20. My favourite is the dancing mice pattern.

  21. The hearts pattern. I had one of these mugs – it was my favourite. I dropped it and was so upset so it would be a real treat to win another one. Suffice to say it would be treated with the utmost care :0)

  22. I love polka dot patterns x

  23. New blog: feels like home http://t.co/nGwANHmU

  24. That is my favourite too.
    So beautiful

  25. I really like them all! Love the polka dots tho and the polka hearts.

  26. I love the starry skies pattern – in fact I love them all!!

  27. I love the polka hearts pattern.

  28. Have also liked you on facebook.

  29. Starry Skies

  30. I like the pink hearts as they really stand out and look great on the white.

  31. I adore the dogs mugs although they do need to sort out a pointer one!

  32. Have also liked you as Claire M. Smith on Facebook

  33. Polka dot design always my favorite, liked on facebook elaine stokes

  34. its the blue stars for me, i bought that for my secret santa gift at work last year and i covet it everyday at work…hoping they took the hint for this year!!

  35. My two current favourites – I think – are Starry Skies and Snowstorm.

  36. Love the polka dots ones

  37. I have liked your facebook page.

  38. Polka hearts is best because the colour goes with my kitchen.

  39. I love the blue hearts :)

  40. i love the lustre print

  41. Can’t see past ‘Joy’ at the moment – so pretty and festive!

  42. I have always loved the the blue tit mug…very sweet!

  43. I love the Sampler one as i love to cross stitch .

  44. reindeer snowstorm, beautifully festive

  45. The Dogs especially the black Labradors

  46. Puffins!

  47. i love all of the designs, my favouite is the the one with the hearts on. Very nice. xx

  48. It must be Polka Hearts, liked on FB already x (Mark Minnie Whittaker)

  49. Polka Dots :)

  50. I like ‘Joy’, it’s quite folky and cosy

  51. I love the snowstorm pattern especially the Christmas snowflake one – it is so lovely!

  52. Penguin snowstorm

  53. There are some beautiful designs to choose from but I think Starry Skies would best suit my message.

  54. I love the Polka Hearts pattern

  55. Christmas Robin

  56. I like the Olives pattern

  57. I love the Lustre

  58. Like and follow

  59. I cannot resist polka dots although I love the reindeer snowstorm one too as it is almost *whispers* Xmas.

  60. I have also liked the FB page

  61. I really like the individuality of the Matthew Rice designs. I am following on fb as Suzanne Hill

  62. I love anything Christmassy

  63. I love Polka Hearts :) Also liked on facebook.

  64. My favourite is dancing mice, so sweet.

  65. I love the classic Joy pattern. Perfect for Xmas although I would use it all year round! Already a liker on fb xoxo

  66. I like Reindeer Snowstorm

  67. I love the poka hearts pattern, its cute and friendly and always makes me smile :)

  68. I love the polka hearts pattern, its cute and friendly and always makes me smile :)

  69. I love the Hallowe’en design, I’d use it all year round though.

  70. I really like the Union Jack stuff xx

  71. My favourite pattern is Lustre…

    I am also already a facebook liker :)

  72. dancing mice is my fav

  73. I really like ‘Starry Skies’! I’ve also liked the Facebook page.

  74. blue hearts is definitely my favourite

  75. I like the all over birds – so pretty! Liked on FB.

  76. polka dots are fun.

  77. dancing mice!

  78. Difficult to choose between the pinks spots and the mice. Love them. Liked on facebook

  79. I absolutely the love pink hearts pattern.

  80. reindeer snowstorm

  81. I love the Polka Dot Heart design
    Liked on Facebook

  82. I love the red fox pattern – it is just so beautiful

  83. I love the Starry Skies print. Very pretty xxxx

  84. Love the Polka Hearts Design!

  85. I love Polka Hearts they are so cute and would brighten up any kitchen ( including mine hopefully)

  86. Reindeer snowstorm x


  87. Pink hearts is my favourite!

  88. I like ‘Figs’ because it is so different

  89. Starry skies

  90. Reindeer Snowstorm

  91. Sampler is my favourite

  92. I like you on Facebook as Gillian Holmes

  93. I love pink hearts,,,,

  94. I love the polka dots, beautiful simplicity

  95. Love the Polka Hearts pattern

  96. Liked Facebook page with ID Phyllis Ellett

  97. the yellow labrador design. reminds me of my dog :)

  98. I love the reindeer snowstorm!

  99. Have liked on FB!

  100. The hearts design has to be my favorite liked on Facebook

  101. Men at Work

  102. The love hearts are my favourite, they are lovely.

  103. i love the polka dot hearts pattern. also liked on fb

  104. I love joy and polka dots

  105. I love the dancing mice they are so cute.
    also like your facebook page xx

  106. the love hearts

    also liked on facebook

  107. Joy is my favourite and also liked the fabric of my life facebook page

  108. I love the pink heart and my daughter would love the starry skies

  109. Starry Skies

    Liked on FB

  110. i love the pink hearts

  111. I love joy but also like the special starbucks mugs.x

  112. Love Starry Skies, also have lots of Union Jack items too.

    Liked on facebook

  113. Lustre is my favourite

  114. I have liked you on facebook too

  115. The Sweet Pea 1/2 Pint Mug 2012 is my favourite pattern

  116. polka dots a go go!

  117. I love the hearts design, looks great

  118. Last year Emma Bridgewater re-released an elephant pattern for their sale, I absolutely love it and everyone knows that the mug is mine

  119. The polka hearts pattern is really pretty! :)

  120. My personal favourite is Starry Skies!

  121. Union Jack every time!!!!

  122. I love the personalised pink hearts, that is great for a gift!

  123. I love Lustre and the red stars x

  124. Wow, such a hard choice, am loving the LUSTRE design at the moment. Liked on facebook. x

  125. fan on facebook

  126. Difficult choice but my favourite is the pink hearts

  127. I love the pink hearts and the blue stars

  128. Have liked on FB too

  129. Impossible to chose a favorite pattern I love them all.

  130. I love them all! I especially like the Joy range.

  131. Starry Skies, I love anything star related, even my twitter name has the word “Star” in it. =)

  132. I like the red stars.

  133. love the hearts xx

  134. liking you on FB xx

  135. Polka dot is my fav!

  136. Flowers is my favourite, brings the garden indoors and keeps me happy through the winter months!

  137. I love the polka hearts. so cute!

  138. love starry skies

  139. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… so my (current) favourite pattern is Joy!

  140. I love Polka hearts design, but to be honest I have yet to find anything I do not like

    I have liked the face book page as well

  141. Love the pink hearts :)

  142. Love starry skies and reindeer snowstorm is also topical.
    Like on facebook too !

  143. Gorgeous designs

  144. I love Walk in the Park

  145. Starry Skies

  146. liked on fb

  147. I love the hearts pattern – classic and classy.

  148. I love starry skies

  149. Polka dots for me simple but effective!

  150. Liking on facebook as helen rosbotham also

  151. I like yellow labrador, have liked on FB too xx Paula

  152. I have many favourites but the newest one is the Polar bear print which has been brought out for Christmas, melts my heart it’s so adoreable. Have just added onto my Christmas list too :)

  153. I’m a Facebook liker too

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