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out with the old..


.. and in with a brand spanking new design to see in 2013!

i can’t tell you how excited i am to be able to share my newly revamped site with you; a lot of the layout and functionality remain the same but my header and sidebars have had long-overdue makeovers, and i’m delighted with how bright and graphic my new logo is – it certainly feels a lot more ‘me’ now. it’s funny how much your tastes and sense of style changes over time, and that is one of the beauties of maintaining a blog – getting to see that evolution and progression as you move through from one part of your life to the next.

2012 has been such an incredible year that i wonder just how 2013 will ever live up to it, but i’m eager to see what it has in store and hope you’ll all be joining me for the ride…


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  1. Congratulations, hun! I love, love, love the fluro header – so you! Your new profile pic is gorgeous, too! xx

    1. yes, well it had to be fluoro didn’t it?! and *blush* thanks! x

  2. Love your new style! Always nice with a new “outfit” :)

    Happy New Year to you

    1. thanks Marianne – happy new year to you too x