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do you know the muffin man?


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feeling adventurous, i decided to try my hand at a batch of banana hazelnut breakfast muffins using alpro’s hazelnut milk. quick and easy to whip up, all you really need are a few ripe bananas, wholemeal flour and some agave nectar to sweeten in lieu of sugar, although i decided to add a handful of chopped hazelnuts to the mix as well, to add a nice bit of crunch.

make a batch the night before and infuse your home with the sweet scent of baking, then serve in the morning with strong freshly brewed coffee topped with frothed hazelnut milk; i just heat in the microwave and use a handheld frother to add the foaminess – simple!

p.s. those owl measuring cups from west elm are the most adorable things ever, right? i have a cute little orange set that i bought on blogtour last spring.

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  1. “@fabricofmylife: do you know the muffin man? he bakes with @Alpro_UK! #deskfest http://t.co/5Pwdxts7” the muffin man has been busy – WOW!

  2. New blog: do you know the muffin man? http://t.co/3yWuihFW