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growing old, (dis)gracefully!


hard to believe the crazy blonde in the photo above is 30 today, right?!

looking back it is difficult to see where all the time has gone; it seems like just yesterday i was packing up my uni home and heading out into the real world, yet here we are – nine years later – older, but not really any wiser!

i had been struggling all week to find the “perfect” post to celebrate my old age, and in doing so have been mulling over the past decade with all its epic highs and super lows. then it hit me; a whole new one has just appeared before me, all shiny and brand-spanking new, and i really should stop procrastinating, take a deep breath and just leap over it’s threshold…

but one thing i did learn from looking back is the importance of friendship no matter how hard the road gets. so the moment i saw holly becker’s recent #bloghug post, i instantly knew the perfect way to not only celebrate my birthday but help spread my love of my fellow bloggers, so many of whom have become such close friends in real life over the past few years: a visual #bloghug post of my own!


a massive group #bloghug to: david, cecy, marilyn, katie, will, carole, pippa, arianna, toma, kelly, hannah, stacey, emily, andrew, raina, mariana, sarah, amy, siska & alex (and holly!)

but of course, it doesn’t stop there, just because i haven’t yet met you yet (or been lucky enough to take a photo of with you!) doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun! every single one of you reading this post is as important as those pictured above, and i want to thank everyone to has ever left a comment on here, tweeted at me, liked a facebook post or instagram photo, or pinned a visual from my blog to pinterest. because you are all, in your own way, helping to spread the love!

so, here’s to you my lovelies, and the most fabulous decade that lies ahead! BUNDLE!

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9 responses

  1. Happy Birthday lady! What a brilliant blog post, sometimes its really hard to write an appropriate blog post about your birthday and I think this just sums it up. With my bday in a weeks time I think I shall do the same and perhaps looks at rekindling and getting some proper friendships in my life, something of which I dont really have now.

    I hope you have a fab birthday, you really are a brilliant girl and deserve to enjoy every little bit of life.

    xxx Scribbs xxx

  2. Belated Happy Birthday!! What a lovely post..
    As a long time lurker, I mean reader of your blog I’d like to thank you for the great posts too :)
    I’m looking forward to lots more.

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