fashion meets architecture

fashion meets architecture


despite the newly-acquired dominance of the shard over the city’s ever-changing skyline, london’s heart will always remain at centre point. one of the city’s first skyscrapers, constructed in the mid-1960s, it celebrates the crystalline beauty of concrete as an urban building material, and while many describe it as an ugly eyesore, for me, it’s beauty lies in the uniformly industrial design, as well as it’s comforting familiarity.

so i was delighted to be sent the first photographs of a new and unexpected collaboration between renowned fashion design house eley kishimoto – famed for their incisive and intelligent print designs – and centre point’s owners, almacantar and joint venture partner frogmore, showcasing a unique series of patterns inspired by the iconic building’s design, architectural flair and 1960s heritage.

“centre point is undoubtedly one of london’s most iconic buildings and encapsulates the optimism, imagination and design flair of the age in which it was built,” says development director kathrin hersel. “we want to reinstate centre point and the surrounding area as the landmark destination it was intended to be. our partnership with eley kishimoto is about celebrating centre point’s distinctive character – the patterns, rhythm, geometry and texture of the architecture that give this building its iconic status.”

with the arrival of crossrail (when it is eventually finished!) and the rapid regeneration of the area around st giles circus, there certainly is a unique opportunity to revive this iconic building, and i for one am excited to see where this collaboration, and those to come, lead…

[fashion photography © sam christmas]


  1. Cate

    7 February

    I love this mix of fashion and architecture, great post!
    Like you I think centre point is beautiful and not an eyesore. It should be the ‘centre point’ of crossrail, excuse the pun.

    • kate

      7 February

      Thanks so much Cate, I’m very pleased to find a fellow admirer of this iconic landmark!

      Have you ever been to the member’s bar at the top? Apparently the views are fantastic!


    7 February

    RT @EleyKishimoto:

  3. Cate

    8 February

    No I haven’t but now I will! Would probably beat paying £25 to go up the Shard!

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