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a crazy little thing called love

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i always shy away from doing valentine’s gift guides as i don’t really believe anything covered in red hearts or overly gushing sentiment really represents ‘love’ in any true-to-life form. for me, valentine’s day should be about spending time with the one you love, just enjoying and appreciating one anothers company, while doing something you both enjoy, together.

but if, like me, you’re spending valentine’s alone (*sob*), here are a few of my suggestions for enjoying the evening…

join me in congratulating my lovely friend will (aka mr bazaar) on his amazing first book deal

catch up on bbc2’s the fixer, keeping an eye out for the fabulous heart home team

attempt to recreate these ‘filthy burgers’ from carrie’s super cute vday post

indulge yourself with some yummy chocolate treats

(i’m going to open my box of pink marc de champagne truffles, a birthday gift from my lil’ sis)

finally, dedicate some time to enjoying feminist ryan gosling. just because.

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  1. I <3 YOU


    1. MWAH, love you too xxx

  2. New blog: a crazy little thing called love http://t.co/bqMH7uvZ

  3. I love Feminist Ryan Gosling! Hope you had a wonderful Vday