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sexy secretaries

Orla AW13 LFW| 01. heal’s | 02. berry red | 03. aspinal of london | 04. idyll home | 05. ia’s vintage |

ever since i had the pleasure of attending her a/w presentation at somerset house back in 2010, orla kiely’s is the london fashion week show that i eagerly await photographs of each season – and wishwishwish is always the best place to find them!

carrie, a fellow orla-devotee, sums it up succinctly when she says, “another season, another perfect collection!” i won’t pretend to know anything whatsoever about fashion, so  recommend you head over and read carrie’s review of the presentation, but i love all the messy bardot-inspired beehives, smokey eyes, peter pan collars and… is that chocolate nail polish i spy? how fabulous!

oh, and as well as being totally smitten with the clothing, i am naturally 100% in love with that typing pool set styling! all that’s missing is don draper stalking the corridor…

[all photographs © carrie harwood, wishwishwish.net]

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