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a love affair

House of Rym

i may be late to the party when it comes to sharing these beautiful images from house of rym‘s latest catalogue, but i loved the beauty of these coastal images too much not to include them. because, as they say, when you love something there is nothing better than sharing it with others!

tunisian founders rym tounsi and zied youssef share a passion for their cultural heritage,  but wanted to share these handcraft traditions with the world, using a fresh, modern approach. to get that perfect mix and help realise their vision, rym and zied collarborated with talented swedish designers anna backlund and elisabeth dunker, to marry sustainable tunisian materials and designs with intriguingly modern scandinavian aesthetics. i’m particularly drawn to the porcelain just my cup of tea collection, while the natural cotton foutas (hand woven on métiers à tisser) are the ultimate in multi-functional home accessories; from luxurious bath towel to tablecloth to stylish beach cover-up.

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