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it’s fate

fate london

i love coming across new online stores with unique curations of truly desirable products! so i was naturally delighted when fate london got in touch recently to introduce their beautiful new webshop, full of beautiful and distinctive everyday objects and accessories.

fate london emerged from an appreciation of timeless style and the satisfaction gained through attention to detail in design, and grew from a starting point on pinterest (!) to a carefully edited selection that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the aesthetic of great design. i have to thank them for introducing me to the native american-inspired geometrics from the traditional american heritage brand pendleton – isn’t that woven ipad cover simply gorgeous!

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  2. Wow, love this, Kate! Didn’t know about this shop. Thanks for the introduction! And hope to see you again very soon!!

  3. ahh another lovely little write up on fate here http://t.co/dPUJHfnlFO from @fabricofmylife. thank you!

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