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life in the slow lane

slow wood

i came across slowwood over the weekend and found myself falling in love with their simple, playful, and contemporary, which have all the makings of a modern classic. their philosophy is to create “timeless pieces of quality furniture with a raw natural elegance and a low impact on our planet; honest tactile products that are made to last and fit in your home easily.”

each piece is handmade by local craftsmen in fryslân, using solid wood and 100% natural finishes, and are available in a number of finishes and paint colours allowing you to create a bespoke design unique to you and your surroundings. i love that the paints they use are all ecological, using mineral pigments such as oxide, yellow ochre and earth black to create unique matt colours with incredible depth and harmony – apparently some of the colours take a whole week to dry!

p.s. i may have been slow in spotting these beauties as they seem to be all over cyberspace now that i’m looking, but since slow is the name of the game…

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