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diamond tough

dulux white house

beyond the numerous “white box” location homes i’ve shot in over the years, i’ve not really known anyone actually opt for pure white throughout their home. but, to celebrate the launch of their new ultra white high-performance paint, dulux have done just that, taking over a south london home and painting it from top to bottom with the latest addition to their (rather extensive) paint range.

this new white utilises “lumi-tec” light reflective particles which reflect up to twice as much light, which on a deliciously sunny day such as we’ve had in london  today, means that your living space looks and feels lighter and more spacious. the “diamond tough” formula makes it 20 times tougher than other emulsion paints and what’s more, it’s washable, meaning those grubby marks that often appear on pure white walls can be quickly and easily removed, restoring your walls to their natural dazzle in an instant – cool, huh?

that’s not to say you should consider living in a white cube devoid of personality. the beauty of a white backdrop is that it provides the ultimate blank canvas to express your ideas and creativity. dulux showed that to great effect today with sumptuous styling and gorgeous tonal  palettes, with a few jolts of vibrant colour for good measure. for me, an expanse of unadulterated white sheen calls out for an art gallery style curation, and i absolutely adored the haphazard mood board that had been tacked up using fluorescent pink washi tape (is it ever going to go out of style? – i hope not!)

my eye was also drawn to the wardrobe of white dressing up wonders (including a stunning tiered wedding dress), which bloggers were invited to play dress up with. i’m one of those people who is never going to look good in white, but my, my, doesn’t my beautiful friend lela look divine in that cosy white designer jacket?

what would you do with a blank white canvas in your home, friends?

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