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storyful objects


i’m headed to norway today to visit one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the nordic region (more on that to follow), so i thought it would be lovely to share some quirky modern norwegian design on the blog to get myself in the mood.

funkle’s motto is to create “storyful objects” that reveal a narrative in a playful way, through bold and colourful graphic designs. don’t you just love their ranges? from pillows to blankets, bed linen to porcelain, the collection is vibrant and youthful, with plenty to grab the attention!

my favourites are the dynamic porcelain gullfuglen pieces; inspired by a true story from the 30’s, when a norwegian factory worker became the industry’s “golden bird” – cute, right?

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  1. I adore all of these! Obviously….heh. Wish I could go to Norway. Your photos from your most recent post have me PINING. It looks so beautiful.

    Sarah :)