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next-generation personalisation

mark and graham

| 01. leather catchall | 02. mini ipad holder | 03. alpaca herringbone bathrobe | 04. copper mug | 05. elegant highballs| 06. leather boxed coasters |

i am very much in love with the super-chic selection of personalised gifts from mark and graham!

they believe that “a mark is more than a symbol; it’s an artful mingling of typography and design that turns a gift into a personal gesture,” – isn’t that such a lovely sentiment? they hope that their vision of “next-generation personalisation” can help join people together, by celebrating families, insider jokes, individuality or the literal beauty of a name (or pet name).

which gift from their collection would you you most like to recieve? i’ve got my eye on one of these stylish colorfield business card holders

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  1. I love monogramming, there is something so classy about a beautifully printed or embroidered initial. I am particularly in love with luggage tags, so the colourfield tags are really doing it for me!