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let’s break

august break 2013

it’s that time of year again, folks!

i can’t quite believe how quickly it has come around, but boy, am i glad it is here! i always find that i’m slightly burnt out by the time august is upon us and this year, with the excessive heat and endless rounds of press shows the past few weeks, i am more in need of a break than ever. it’s not that i don’t love blogging, but sometimes it can be good to step back and take a breather, away from the internet, away from constant bombardment of ideas and inspirations and whatnot.

that said, i’m not going away entirely. the beauty of august break is that we’re all still present, just in a different, more manageable, way. there are no hard and fast rules, only sunshine (hopefully!) and a bit of fun as susannah puts it. plus, lots of lovely photos and fabulous new blogs to discover.

if you head on over to susannah conway’s august break page you can find out how to play along and who else is taking part.

basically, each day, for the whole of august, you take a photo and share it on your blog (or instagram, twitter, flickr – wherever you want really). you can add words if you want and you can use any camera; i expect i’ll take all my snaps with my iphone.

this year we also have a list of daily photo prompts, so if you get stuck for something to photograph, here’s the list:

august break topics 2013

at first i didn’t think i would use these guidelines, but on reflection, i think it’ll be really fun to tackle each day with a different focus, and it’s likely to encourage me to think a little outside the box and maybe explore someplace new or stretch my creativity to come up with a shot to capture the theme. a totally achievable mini-challenge for each day; sounds like fun, right?

i’ll be posting all my photos over on instagram as well as updating them regularly here too. if you’re planning to join in, let me know and i’ll keep an eye out for your updates too!

see y’all back here soon,

kate x

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