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it’s a wrap


as soon as i saw these delightful hand screen printed additions to bespoke stationery brand nat maks‘ collection, i knew i just had to share them with you all!

once upon a time, illustrator natascha worked in the weird and wonderful world of film (as did i, many moons ago!), so it was only a matter of time before she developed a concept collection based upon 3 of her all-time favourite films, which have inspired her to dream and wonder throughout her life.

the it’s a wrap story begins with alice’s tea party (based, of course, on my favourite children’s novel, alice in wonderland), dorothy’s yellow brick road and zhivago’s country house view. 3 very different but equally stunning designs; it’s tough to pick a favourite, isn’t it? and once you get past the beauty of the illustrated prints, you’ll find yourself squealing over the details, such as co-ordinating sticker sets featuring text and illustrations that are thematically linked to each scene. the stickers fit perfectly within the circles of design, and can be mix-and-matched  allowing you to customise the presentation of each gift to it’s recipient – neat!

natascha plans to add more ‘scenes’ to the collection in 2014 – which film would you like to see a new design inspired by?

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  1. Oh I just love this ….. What a clever idea and sooooo usable .. I really love the ‘Alice’ !!! .. But the zhivago would be great for guys … Where can I order??