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honey, i’m home

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it’s always exciting when a major department store launches a new luxury online collection, but today’s launch from london’s iconic luxury retailer harrods is a tantalisingly hush-hush event, marketed with the simple yet effective tagline: “would you like to live in the world’s most luxurious department store?”

um, yes please! can you imagine it? playing hide ‘n’ seek amongst the egyptian statues after hours… playing dress-up in givenchy… luxuriating in a  bath tub filled to the brim with bubbles… scoffing all the cakes from the patisserie… it’s enough to make the mind boggle, and the shopaholic inside you quiver with excitement!

the new harrods i’m home concept put simply is a celebration of the extraordinary yet luxurious experience customers have in store made entirely shop-able online from anywhere in the world. since i always wonder around like a kid in a candy store whenever i  step through the grand entranceway into the fairytale world of europe’s largest department store, i’m genuinely intrigued to see how they will bring the all-encompassing extraordinary experience that is harrods to the online world.

pamper your pets with a cut and blow dry while you get yours next door? no problem. delicacies from the food halls and one-off pieces from the greatest designers on the planet- delivered straight to your door? why, of course.

if you enter the luxury world of harrods you’ll never want to leave, and now you  don’t have to.

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