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string me along

string 01

i first came across swedish brand string when i visited woonbeurs in amsterdam a few years ago, but i was reminded of how much i had loved their stand then when i spotted them exhibiting at designjunction last week.

their stark ultra-white stand caught my eye immediately, and i loved their haphazard styling of an in-use home office – i would absoutely love to have that amount of storage space to house my growing stacks of inspiration magazines and press packs accumulated over the past few weeks!

the string system was designed back  in 1949, and over the past 60 years it has evolved from being a ground-breaking concept to becoming one of the most loved pieces of classic scandinavian design. each component of the system can be incorporated in an almost infinite variety of combinations, and thanks to the slim panels it’s possible to create a shelf large enough for any number of books and objects that still looks light and airy. the components are available in a range of colours and materials, yet the measurements are fixed and have never been altered. that’s why a string shelf can always be rebuilt, reinvented and transformed – clever, huh?


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