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too much of a good thing is wonderful

Evenckiwhile i love a good graphic print, i far more often find myself drawn to the crisp freshness of plain cottons when it comes to choosing bed linen to cosy up in at night. so i was delighted when an email from evencki popped into my inbox earlier this week, introducing me to their handcrafted bed linens that they proclaim are “a joy to buy, to own, and to sleep in every night.”

evencki shun mass-produced linen in favor of small-scale fabrics from independent artisans and their collection includes elegant shades such as gentleman’s pink, champagne, chocolate and plum. they make their linen from scratch, with fabrics sourced from bergamo in italy, which are lovingly transformed by gifted tailors in zielona gora in poland, who make the evencki magic happen. with 200 threads of premium italian cotton woven into every square inch, the sheets have a gentle caress and a smooth, lustrous finish, creating a fabric which is soft and supple, yet highly durable at the same time.

sounds like heaven, right?

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