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bang & olufsen oct 13

yesterday morning i was given a sneak peek of the latest additions to bang & olufsen‘s beolab series of premium wireless sound technology: the beolab 17 compact loudspeaker, beolab 19 twelve-sided subwoofer, and “the new icon”: the beolab 18 floor-standing loudspeaker.

all three models feature audio technology using the newly set wisa standard for connecting components and speakers wirelessly, but what excited me more than the “tech-y” advancements were the simply sublime aesthetics of these new speakers. i was particularly drawn to the geometric grace of the beolab 19’s  decahedron shape and the beolab 18‘s striking solid oak lamella frontage, which looks to mimic the directional sound of the speaker as it sits on an aluminum column.

designed by torsten valeur, the minimalist beolab 18 reinvents bang & olufsen’s signature column speakers for the 21st century by tweaking the sculptural silhouette of its predecessor, the now-classic beolab 8000, in ways that push the boundaries of craftsmanship as 21 wooden lamellas wrap lightly around the speaker to open it to the eye as well as the ear.

i’m no audio-expert, but i can certainly lay claim to it’s credentials as one of the most stylish speakers on the market – wouldn’t you agree?

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