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what is the city but the people?

cityscapes  union squares: view looking west, lauren smith | untitled, valerie carpender | liquor, adalberto ortiz | fresh, paul robinson | glow in the dark, cécile van hanja

it’s no secret that i’m a city-dwelling gal through and through. while i may occasionally catch myself daydreaming about vast white beaches or rolling hillsides of luscious green, my heart is well and truly rooted in the metropolis. i love the geometry of the city; high rise buildings, acute angles, historical juxtapositions and the rush, rush, rush of people moving through the streets. so while i guess many people opt for escapist-style scenes of tranquil country life to hang in their homes, i’ve always been drawn to depictions of contemporary urban life such as these wonderful cityscapes at saatchionline.com.

i’d love to hang the bold, bright, geometric glow in the dark canvas in my living room; it perfectly captures the neon glow of a city after hours and the wonderful perspective of being completely surrounded by life, don’t you think?

what about you? do you prefer rural or urban escapism when choosing art for your home?

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