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returning to your (tree) roots

lotta cole ss14

| 01. snow forks mountain tea towel | 02. all tied up candle holders | 03. bare stepping block trivet | 04. concrete slab cushion | 05. wood slice cushion | 06. wood slice tea towel | 07. concrete door knobs |

the new year is well and truly here, and you know what that means? new season collections!

i’m currently coveting items from lotta cole‘s new spring line; a lovely lady whom i had the pleasure of meeting at clerkenwell creative’s recent christmas market.

drawn by the urge to make things with her own hands, lotta begun creating beautiful and functional objects for the home inspired by the woods surrounding her swedish family home, where her great great grandfather had long ago set up a farm and forestry. using juniper wood from her family’s forest and local, sustainably sourced birch and pine, lotta uses traditional methods and eco friendly finishes to continue the legacy of my grandfathers.

her beautiful new collection draws upon the natural beauty of the concentric circles in wood grains, combined with the rough and readiness of unpolished concrete – a winning combo in my book! my favourite piece is probably the concrete slab cushion, which i must say would look wonderful on my new robin day 675 chair…

anything catching your eye, my dears?

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  1. It’s funny, I was looking at the Lotta Cole products and thought to myself how Scandinavian they look, and then I clicked on the link to her website and it says Sweden and England! Such cool stuff! The concrete door knobs are quirky… love’em!