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stitch and story

i’ve said for the past umpteen years that my new year’s resolution is to take up knitting, but try as i might, every year the goal evades me. i’ve dutifully picked up my needles every year but after a few sorry attempts at casting on and stitching a few rows of knit and purl, i always manage to find myself in a tangle and give up!

thankfully this year help is at hand, in the form of a fabulous new company: stitch & story.

their mission is to showcase knitting in a contemporary, fun, and easy-to-learn way. they have a wonderful range of diy knitting kits set at different skills levels to suit each knitter’s confidence, and most importantly, offer a wide range of video tutorials to help you progress at your own pace. i would certainly love to knit myself one of those lovely luca pom hats or mateusz snoods in a super soft chunky merino wool yarn.

the only issue (besides actually learning to knit!) is deciding which colour to opt for…

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  1. I knit all the time! We must hang out together…

    I met these girls at a pop up on Piccadilly. So sweet, and great designs too.


  2. Thanks for sharing the link!
    My wife loves knitted items (scarves, cushions, everything!) so this looks like a great idea for her birthday present.

    I think I’d opt for Stormy Grey, because I’d quite like a new grey scarf!

  3. Oh their yarn is beautiful! Be careful though – knitting started as a hobby for me, but I would now call it a slight obsession! As I knit already, I don’t have their kits, but I love their concept and I was gifted some of their yarn for Christmas. It really is THAT soft… I’ve just been opening the box and stroking the yarn for now because I haven’t decided what to do with it yet… I got the delicious dust pink… yum :)