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alpro 7 day challenge

| 01. pumpkin, date & flaxseed | 02. avocado, spinach, banana & peanut butter | 03. kale, pineapple & lime | 04. strawberry, raspberry & alpro vanilla alternative to yoghurt | 05. red pepper, raspberry & goji berry | 06. melon, cucumber, celery & mint | 07.  banana & vanilla chai |

~ for all recipes, just roughly chop fruit/veg and blitz in blender with alpro unsweetened almond milk ~

i’ve had a pretty hectic (and jet-set!) january and following the excesses of my birthday weekend just past, it’s a relief to be posting something bright, fresh and healthy this morning!

i introduced the #alproam challenge on here a few weeks ago and since then i’ve had lots of fun concocting intriguing-sounding smoothie recipes and blitzing handfuls of fresh fruit and vegetables with alpro unsweetened almond milk in my waring pro blender. you can see the 7 different recipes i created above in all their glory, but my favourite was probably the avocado, spinach, banana & peanut butter delight; well, anything with peanut butter in is a winner in my book!

what do you think, would you try a vegetable smoothie made with alpro unsweetened almond milk? if you still need convincing, it’s worth noting that alpro’s unsweetened almond milk contains just 26 calories per 200ml serving and is naturally dairy free, making it ideal for vegans and those with lactose intolerances. it also contains vitamins b2, b12, d and e as well as calcium; a 200ml serving provides 30 per cent of your rda – pretty fab, right?

oh, and it’s super tasty too!

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