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against the grain

Marimekko Mood 141+142

now hailed as marimekko’s most famous design, finnish native maija isola created the unikko design in 1964, shortly after the company’s founder, armi ratia, announced that marimekko would never print a floral pattern. maija disagreed with this stance, and designed a whole collection of floral prints in protest. one of them was unikko.

the high-contrast poppy-print was revolutionary at the time, tapping into the graphic modernity of 1960s design while simultaneously appealing to the traditionalism of an older generation, and has since been reproduced in a extensive range of mediums and colourways covering everything from tableware to fashion. to celebrate the design’s enduring popularity, marimekko have released a special edition line of black and white oiva dinnerware to mark the occasion, along with yellow and red oiva mugs, each piece carrying isola’s signature on the bottom.

when i visited the flagship store in helsinki last month i was given a sneak peek at the wonderful full-length anniversary video that celebrates the confident spirit and bold nature of the design, a teaser of which you can see on unikko’s dedicated anniversary website. marimekko believe that 2014 will be the year of bold personalities following in maija’s footsteps; people who allow inspiration and creativity to take them to unexpected places, follow their instincts and make wonderful things happen for all of us.

fingers crossed!

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  1. I can’t believe I only found Marimekko so recently as I adore their super simple patterns & 60’s feel.

    1. So much prettiness to covet Anja, I’d have the whole range if I could! Which print is your fave?