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throwing back the covers


as april fast approaches and spring blossom abounds, i’ve been thinking about throwing off the blanketing layers on my bed and stripping back to a spring edit in my bedroom.

despite my love of punchy colour pops, i much prefer neutral bed linen designs and right now i’m lusting after the new tumble linens from loaf, a cotton linen mix with the look of laid-back linen which i’ve long coveted but not been able to justify price-wise. my eye was also caught by the lovely ibiza-inspired stripes of the raggie floor rug, although i’m not quite ready to cast off my slippers to feel it’s cool texture underfoot just yet – there’s still a bit of a nip in the air in the early morning!

anything from the new loaf collection catching your eye, friends?

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  1. I just bought their Bella bedside tables and am chuffed to bits with them. Where has Loaf been all my life?

    1. oh, the Bella are lovely Catherine! very happy to hear you like Loaf, they do some wonderful things :)