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another lovely little online find i stumbled across recently is quitokeeto, who bill themselves as an online purveyor of items worth owning: a short list of new, found, and collaborative items curated by store owners, heidi swanson (of 101 cookbooks) and wayne bremser.

they’re fond of naturally produced perfumes, olive oil from millenarian trees and metate-ground sicilian chocolate (yum!), and have managed to sustain their original pop-up shop into a more permanent online fixture – except when they’re travelling to source new products, of course!

i’ve long been a fan of heidi’s wonderful food blog, so it’s great to see these delightful culinary items showcased alongside some of her best-loved recipes, which complement the pared-down aesthetic and clean-living appeal of the products in the store. i particularly love the elegant simplicity of the mono filio teapot, designed by tassilo von grolman in the 1980s, which consists of a large glass pot and wide sieve, allowing the leaves to unfurl and float free for an even infusion – perfect for brewing my current favourite cleanse-tipple; peppermint tea!

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