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west elm april playlist

| 01. hush |  02.  blossoming on spotify | 03. jawbone |

west elm asked me to put together a little playlist for april for their blog, and i’m delighted to share it here with you guys today.

hopefully it’ll put a little spring in your step as it’s peppered with catchy little melodies that you can’t help but tap your foot along to (just try not dancing along to emiliana torrini’s jungle drum!), and heartfelt, soulful ballads with a harmonic country twang. it’s perfect for a morning lazing in the spring sunshine, or a train journey through the english countryside (i road-tested it on a recent trip up to harrogate). 

what’s your favourite springtime jam?

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  1. I love this playlist! Emiliana Torrini is one of my favourite artist, I have all of her albums.

    1. Thanks so much Chiara, happy to hear you’re enjoying it! I love Emiliana’s music too, she’s such a diverse and inspiring musician :)

  2. Fab playlist Kate! I’m so happy you included The Civil Wars, they’re one of my favorite bands :)