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vifa 01

still looking for a stylish audio system to play my blossoming playlist from last week on? i’m loving these beautiful new portable, wireless designs from danish brand vifa, which i spotted earlier in the year at the stockholm furniture fair.

vifa have been creating authentic sound for more than 80 years and their newest system, copenhagen, is inspired by the sleek minimalism of nordic design, weaving refined craftsmanship with contemporary design for a loudspeaker that will sit beautifully within a modern urban setting. the brand have worked in collaboration with kvadrat, europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, to produce a specially woven textile cover for the speaker, which is available in 6 carefully selected colours so you can choose the style most suited to your personality and home decor style.

i personally love the understated elegance of the pale grey version, although that cheery mustard yellow is calling to me too! which version would you opt for?

vifa 02

vifa 03

vifa 04

vifa 05

vifa 06

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